Spray Paint follows up 2015’s "Dopers" with this year’s "Feel the Clamps."
Spray Paint follows up 2015's "Dopers" with this year's "Feel the Clamps." (Facebook)

This week, we're spinning Holy Fuck, Big Thief, and Spray Paint.

Our CD of the Month for June is the fourth LP from Canadian quartet Holy Fuck. "Congrats" is a spectacle: The album moves at a manic pace as dirty synthesizer lines weave through pumping drumbeats. This record emphasizes groovy electronic hooks and breakdowns rather than a lot of vocal content. "Chimes Broken" opens the record and hits hard. The multi-layered rhythms dance upon your eardrums. Throughout its 10 songs, "Congrats" has moments of sheer noise coupled with seconds of pure bliss. "Neon Dad" is the most low-key song on the recording. The track feels like a journey to the bottom of the ocean, or a hazy fever dream. If you found yourself nodding your head to records like "Total Life Forever" from Foals or Alt-J's "An Awesome Wave," you'll appreciate the lighter moments on "Congrats." However, the record really has something for everyone. "House Of Glass" is brutal yet groovy, "Tom Tom" is murky and driving, and the final track "Caught Up" ends the album in a gorgeous electronic crescendo. "Congrats" by Holy Fuck is our well-deserved CD of the Month.

Along the lines of Waxahatchee, Wilco, and Twin Peaks, Big Thief's first LP "Masterpiece" brings alt-country vibes to KVCU. Vocalist Adrianne Lenker uses the band's sound as a vehicle for her interpersonal meditations. "Interstate," title track "Masterpiece," and "Humans" all share deeply personal lyrics that endear the listener to Lenker's way of thinking. Big Thief hails from Brooklyn, N.Y., and their geography comes through in interesting ways. For the most part, the record lives happily in the genre of alt-country; however, moments of guitar feedback and punk attitude remind the listener that it takes a lot to live in New York City.


Closing track "Parallels" says goodbye but follows with a metaphorical "Come back soon, ya hear!?" Big Thief will be touring to promote this record and hopefully whipping up another real soon. Until then, catch "Masterpiece" by Big Thief on Radio 1190 KVCU.

Since 2015's phenomenal "Dopers," we've been jonesing for some more Spray Paint. Their new record "Feel the Clamps" for Goner Records perpetuates their slick and greasy sound while moving in a slightly different direction. The new record throbs and pulses with murderous bass lines, angular guitar work and emphatic drum work. Title track "Feel the Clamps" is depressing as hell — the lyrics "It seems like everyone's getting cancer" don't yield much optimism to the listener. However, If you dig bands like Viet Cong, Joy Division or Ought, "Feel the Clamps" might be the kind of broody piece you're looking for. Dive into Spray Paint's special brand of post-punk and you'll definitely feel the clamps.

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