I have ton to be thankful for these days, and I have every intention of counting my blessings aloud while a friend tries to tell me there's stuffing on my shirt, gravy in my braids, and wine stains covering every inch of my smile.

My mom, diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma, is miraculously responding to chemo treatments and it looks like she'll be around us longer than we had thought. I own a lovely condo. I have hoards of thoughtful, funny friends, and my health, and a job, and access to sunshine, wine, and high-fives pretty much any time I ask.

But being thankful is an exercise in mindfulness about not just the big blessings in our lives, but also the small ones. I want to take a minute to acknowledge those things as well.


I'm thankful the dog didn't track diarrhea onto the couch last week. It was everywhere else, for sure — the porch, the rugs, the hallway — it took nearly a whole day to mitigate the literal shitstorm that was old Jasper Percy Chester Bruce Wayne Princess Batman's ass. But I caught him before he got his poopy toes onto the couch and that's something for which I feel enormous gratitude.

I'm thankful the cute bartender didn't turn around when my skirt was bunched up under my backpack. Sometimes when I walk around, my skirt steadily hikes up revealing the back of the thigh, then the curve of the ass and, if there are stairs involved, my skirts go hang out with my shirts. And yes, the people driving by, pedestrians wandering downtown and probably everybody else in the restaurant got a show, but he didn't see anything and I'm pretty happy about that.


I'm thankful my mom believed me when I told her my kid brother cut my hair when I was 5. I was the one who cut a strand of my hair right up to the scalp, I was the one who pretended not to know anything about it a week later when it was jutting from my hairline like errant straw, but he was the one who got spanked for it and my little kid butt is thankful for that.

I'm thankful that even though I spent five whole minutes thinking about first whether I should take home an old cat, and second, whether I should take home an old dog, they both turned out not to be droolers.

This week, yes, let's do be thankful for the big, wonderful blessings. Let's be thankful for health, and love, and safety, and food, and shelter, and the right to participate in elections, and practice whatever flavor of religion or spirituality suits us, and our access to those gorgeous mountains to our west and the open roads to the east. Let's be thankful for sunshine, for wine and for high fives. But let's also be thankful for rockstar parking, windstorms that make people's hair look hilarious, cat videos and every single time we step on black ice this winter and don't end up flat on our backs. Because when you do that, there's so much more to be thankful for.

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