It's been a great week over at Radio 1190. We've been listening to new records, dusting off old favorites, and scheduling a ton of sweet events. Lately, releases from Mutual Benefit, Eskimeaux and White Fang have got us stoked beyond repair.

"Skip A Sinking Stone" is the new release from multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lee under the name Mutual Benefit. Jordan first hit the scene with 2013's "Love's Crushing Diamond," a breathtaking embrace of warm strings, children's instruments and wholesome lyrics. "Love's Crushing Diamond" made a huge impact on the musical landscape, sending Lee on several national tours and opening the door to major critical acclaim.

It seems everything Lee touches turns to gold. Neither his EP "The Cowboy's Prayer" nor his split release "Mutual Spirits" (with Holy Spirits) contains a bad song. "Skip a Sinking Stone" arrives with a lot of anticipation and doesn't disappoint. Start with track "Lost Dreamers" and then play the record from front to back. All of the familiar elements are there: gorgeous violin work, catchy celtic melodies and a hundred layers of dense instrumentation.

The album is even more refined than previous releases. Financial support from Mom + Pop records has boosted the recording quality significantly. Sometimes dreary, sometimes hopeful, Mutual Benefit's "Skip a Sinking Stone" is a welcome addition to Jordan Lee's discography.


In a similar vein, Manhattan songstress Eskimeaux delivers a low-fidelity stunner with her new EP "Year Of The Rabbit."

Close double tracking on the vocals makes "Year Of The Rabbit" sound ethereal, adorable and powerful. Although the songs seem innocuous at first, there's some grit within the lyrics. Singer Gabrielle Smith is a master of words — the lyrics skirt the thin line between simple and dense with ease. Although the record is only 15 minutes long, it's extremely well produced and thought out.

Multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lee, aka Mutual Benefit, srikes gold again with his new release "Skip A Sinking Stone".
Multi-instrumentalist Jordan Lee, aka Mutual Benefit, srikes gold again with his new release "Skip A Sinking Stone". (Courtesy photo)

"Year Of The Rabbit" is a great follow-up from the 2015 release "Two Mountains" and has us all stoked for Eskimeaux's next releases. Slide this new record between Frankie Cosmos and Joanna Newsom. We'll be spinning it all summer.

Standing over at the dad barbecue, White Fang's "Chunks" takes all the wholesomeness of Mutual Benefit and chars it to ash. Irreverent, ignorant and loud, "Chunks" is a rip-roarin good time.

Self-proclaimed "Stupidest band on the planet," White Fang is your uncle's redneck fantasy. Packed with weed references, simple lyrics and vocal skits, "Chunks" will sound best played at full volume out of a Ford F-150. "Tear It Up," "Wrecked" and "4-Track Mind" drip with beer, volume and a trashlord attitude.

Whether it's gorgeous instrumentation and beautiful melodies, ethereal production and tight lyrics, or laid-back attitudes and simple chord changes, Radio 1190's got it all for you this week.

Jarocki is Radio 1190's music director. Read more reviews: