Who is better suited to sing together in perfect harmony — a group of strangers, or four homeschooled and classically trained sisters who grew up harmonizing with each other?

This one's easy. When it comes to performing a complex musical task such as harmony, practice time and experience are essential.

I bring this up because the Colorado-bred sisters in the band SHEL have dropped a new album that is full of harmonies only a group of singing sisters can supply. "Just Crazy Enough" is a 10-song effort that is every bit a work of art as their last one.

Duncan Taylor
Duncan Taylor

Longtime readers here will recognize the name SHEL, whom I've discussed once or twice before. We had the sisters record with us in the Colorado Daily's newsroom music video studio way back in 2013. They were supporting their full-length self-titled album at the time.

We got a wonderful result from our recording, and I may have mentioned before that the girls' charm did not go unnoticed by the Daily staff. Reports of love at first sight may or may not have been noted.


One of our things at the recording studio is that we ask bands to leave something behind for the backdrop set. After more than three years of recordings, you can imagine how cluttered our backdrop has become. Visit secondstorygarage.com to see what it looks like lately, and while you're there, pop over to the "Artists" page to find SHEL's videos.

SHEL left us two things that remain among my favorites. They all signed a "No Whining" sign, giving nod to the internal fortitude and discipline practiced by the musical quartet.

The second thing was a signed LP of their eponymous album. I grew to cherish this gift the most, because when no one was looking I may or may not have borrowed it to listen on my big stereo rig at home. Holy frijole, the sound on this thing. Besides excellent compositions, the sound quality of everything they do seems to be of the highest caliber.

Evident from first look at these girls, through the actual music and all the way to their marketing techniques and fashion sensibilities is a sophistication of style that is delicate, informed and forward-thinking. The same goes for their choice in recording studios, producers and in their decision last year to relocate to the Nashville area.

The move I think further cements their presence in the national discourse, and that seems to be the idea.

But another great consequence of the move was the proximity to Nashville's wealth of recording and engineering talent. The girls collaborated with notable producers and engineers on "Just Crazy Enough," and just like the brilliant debut album SHEL, it is a sonic delight. The girls' taste level shines through in the end result, with its modern balance, fantastic stereo presentation, and delicious bass that at times dives below the earth's surface.

Now available on iTunes and everywhere else, Just Crazy Enough needs to blast from your speakers this summer, if for nothing but the sweet harmonies of the inspiring and enterprising sisters.

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