New approaches and advancements in portable listening technology make me happy.

Part of it is that "T" word. I've heard of a technophobe — would I be a technophiliac?

Being a technophiliac, I'm also aware that there are a bunch of issues left to iron out in portable listening. Many earbuds and in-ear monitors, for instance, cause undue pressure to build up on your eardrum when they're sealed in the canal. This causes fatigue and changes the way they sound, among other things.

Another growing issue right now is early hearing loss caused by kids listening to iPhones and Droids at volumes and for lengths that are injurious.

So, I'm stoked to find a unique approach to one of those issues in a new brand of earbuds called "Even." After you learn what they do, $99 seems like a fair deal for these hearing-savers.

Before you use them to listen to music, you first complete a test wherein you respond to five different types of music in each ear, signaling by button when you can first hear each song. Then the onboard program calculates filters to boost or cut sections of the frequency spectrum on either side. This means if you've got hearing damage in one ear, or even damage in both, the Even earbuds will compensate the sound to give you much better sound quality at a lower volume than you're used to.


Anything that promotes hearing health is good news to me. Visit geteven.co for more details about the 'buds.

So Intuit

Last week I wrote about Grayson Erhard and his band Aspen Hourglass playing the Fox on Friday. Even though I'll be going to that one — and you should, too — there is another band playing that night in Boulder that is worth checking out beforehand.

Boulder is well known as a demographic that enjoys the reggae from time to time, let's be honest. It isn't for everyone, but there are enough true fans in Boulder to win some award for it, I think. I'm one to talk — years ago, my roommate and I created "Club Dread," a Thursday night weekly reggae party at the Broker Inn. We featured serious talent, and our house DJs were so legit we had to find substitutes whenever they flew to Jamaica to record some cousin of Buju Banton or whomever.

Our crowd was zealous. So it makes sense that Boulder can boast several excellent reggae bands residing in town. My favorite, and the one playing outside at the St. Julien on Friday, is called Intuit. They've recorded with us at the Daily's video studio (videos are on our site and YouTube channel) and I must say they were polished and polite and wonderful to work with. Before they set up in the studio, I might have thought their music would take a back seat to their manners. Oh no. Fire them up on Spotify or iTunes and you will know why I like them so much. They're just really, really good — the best in town if you're asking me.

Catch them outside on the terrace at the St. Julien starting at 6:30.

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