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What are you wearing for Halloween? If you're going as Robert Smith, Morrissey or another '80s throwback, listen to the new record from Black Marble to get in the spirit. I was a huge fan of 2012's "Weight Against the Door," the first five-song release from dance-goth outfit Black Marble. "Weight Against the Door" was fast and nostalgic, an alternate score for Blade Runner that made me want to drive my car at incredible speeds through Boulder's empty streets. Following "Weight Against the Door," Black Marble released "A Different Arrangement," which solidified their sound and made the project something special. Their new release, "It's Immaterial," stays true to the Black Marble spirit while pushing the band in a new direction.

"Goose Bumps" by Boyscott
"Goose Bumps" by Boyscott (Courtesy photo)

Before the release, bandleader Chris Stewarts relocated to Los Angeles. The shift from New York to California is felt throughout "It's Immaterial." What was once entirely bleak and dystopian becomes hopeful and, dare I say, uplifting on the new release. Black Marble still has their goth cred, but "It's Immaterial" uses Beach House synths and new wave melodies to shed a glimpse of light through Black Marble's heavy curtain. This record is great driving music, and you'll definitely appreciate the cool grooves while cruising around autumn Boulder.


Boyscott also uses drum machines, but their particular brand of bedroom pop sounds more like Twerps. "Goose Bumps" is a sun-bleached memory of summer, a fond memory of hot days by the lake. Fans of Pinegrove or Hovvdy might have just found their new favorite band. Their new release combines catchy guitar hooks with cutesy vocal phrases to make a jubilant recording. The track "Marco Polo" brims with youthful enthusiasm, and "Lake House" is a low-key jam that feels so right.

"Front Row Seat to Earth" by Weyes Blood
"Front Row Seat to Earth" by Weyes Blood (Courtesy photo)
I can see Boyscott gaining some major attention in upcoming months and can already hear their sound in tons of independent dramas. Hear them before anyone else — their new record "Goose Bumps" will be spinning on Radio 1190 through November.

For those who've always longed to live in the '70s, Weyes Blood has the right amount of Bowie-esque balladry mixed with modern songwriting. "Front Row Seat to Earth" is a great place to start. With and interesting, angelic voice, Natalie Mering fronts Weyes Blood and captures a wistful spirit in her recordings. If you loved last year's self-titled release from Natalie Prass, Kate Bush or T. Rex, there's something for you within "Front Row Seat to Earth." Brass, heavy bass, compressed drums, piano and a slew of other instruments back Natalie Mering in this excellent release. I could say more, but this is really a record you have to hear for yourself.

I know it can be difficult to keep track of all the new music. Let us pick the best for you. Tune in to Radio 1190 to hear your new favorite band.

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