While you're multiple browser tabs deep in your search for the perfect last-minute costume or hogging the fitting room at your local thrift store, I want to offer to tie up a loose end for your Halloween plans this year.

After all, costumes require serious attention to details, and you don't need more headaches. Does this face-paint clown smile look creepy enough? Are these googly eyes creepy enough? Is this fake, gaping wound sexy enough? Etc. Lots of work on the subtleties to make that statement for Hallow's Eve.

And if you're also hosting a party, the pesky details can really add up. How many cups to buy? One keg or two? Does the house need to be covered floor to ceiling in plastic sheeting? Should we staff a priest in case we need an exorcism? All of that.

Which is why the party playlist need not be a source of angst this year. You can go from good to great with the simple one-click download of producer R.L. Grime's latest Halloween mix and have your music be the talk of the party.

R.L. Grime, an alter ego of the young DJ Clockwork from L.A., is here to help. While Clockwork's music has more of an industrial techno backbone, R.L. Grime is slower, bigger and more "radio friendly," if you will. And for the last four years, he has created a Halloween mix for the distinct purpose of bringing the walls down at your costume party.

Last year's mix began with a recorded voice mail left for R.L. by comedian Hannibal Burress; 2014's mix was intro'ed by none other than Grime's titular inspiration, spooky short story writer R.L. Stine.


You can see who he's got up his sleeve for this year by visiting R.L.'s Soundcloud page and downloading the mix. You can also grab previous Halloween mixes to keep your party going all night.

Trap music is a party's best friend, especially when it's mixed with trap renditions of popular rap or hip hop tunes. Trap allows for space around the beat and instruments, and the focus makes them sound larger than life, driving the dance floor like no other genre.

R.L.'s blend of music goes from filthy south rap to choice Flying Lotus cuts to up-and-comers — Grime's got his ear firmly on the ground — and it takes the dance floor neck snaps to new levels.

A few years ago, maybe 2013, I got the rare chance to see R.L. live in a small venue. When he announced a show at Denver's Larimer Lounge, my buddy Colin and I likely snapped up the first tickets. Larimer is a shoebox compared to most of the venues he plays, and the intimacy of it really amplified the energy.

Get some of that crazy energy going at your own party. If you want people to really get down, do what I do each Halloween and let R.L. Grime's mix du jour direct your dancers to their devilish delight.

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