A little baby will try to mimic just about anything, which is pretty cute when you see it. At the same time, the moments when the munchkin does something unique instinctively are also of interest to me.

Watching my 1-year-old dance when I put on certain music causes me think about what it is that makes us prefer one type of music over the other, or enjoy one aspect of the experience that might be different from the way others perceive it.

And preferences can evolve. My knowledge of how music is made has evolved over time, and with it, so have my tastes.

I think what excites me boils down to a technical skill level that is beyond what I can manage at the moment. Over the years, as I've gotten better at playing music, I think the standard has changed for what floats my boat musically.

Your journey may be different, but I think everyone's taste is influenced by intersections of their own lives and music. Musical choices can be made for many reasons, and there's no right or wrong about it. Different styles exhibit different moods that you either identify with or you don't. You might be going through something that influences your listening habits. If you're like me, the sands of old Father Time can mellow out your preferences, too. One cannot mosh in the pit forever, after all.

So what moves you, and why?

Sub talk

Readers of this column know I'm big into balanced, full-bottom bass when I'm listening to music. Over the summer, I wrote a bit about subwoofers and placement based on the makeup of your listening chamber.


I plan to revisit the subject, but the main nugget for today is that the walls around you dictate where the bass piles up or gets sucked out. Bass tends to build up in the corners and be somewhat lacking in the middle of the room, and sometimes if your floor is hollow, it can get lost down there, robbing you of the good vibrations you so deserve.

Finding the perfect spot for the sub is very important, and most of the time, it's not right next to the speakers. Chances are it's not near the corner, either.

A friend recently relayed a pro tip for this task that I just have to pass along. To find the best place to put your subwoofer, first start by connecting it and putting it where you want to sit and listen.

Then play some music with bass. Walk around the room, starting between or behind the speakers, and when you hear bass the way you want to hear it normally, bam! That's where you should put the sub.

Easy, right?

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