OK, Apple. You got me. At first, I wasn't too sold on the removal of the headphone jack on the new iPhones, but the more I break the traditional wired connections, the more I appreciate Apple's well-made design choices.

And from what I'm learning about the new wireless Airpods, I really need to get in line to receive a pair. I hear there's a five-week wait at the moment because of high demand, and it makes sense.

Loads of intelligent operation features and actually pretty damn good sound make these a must have for fellow iPhoners.

Run to the Sun

My favorite local instrumental wizards The RunniKine are releasing an EP this spring, with a single slated for release March 1. That these jazz/fusion/funk/soul improvisational musicians are laying down tracks in the studio is exciting for our music scene, and I can't wait to hear what they've done. Every RunniKine show is prefaced by an announcement from keyboard player Eric Luba (also the keys player in Analog Son) that 95 to 99 percent of the following will be completely improvised. I don't know of anyone else doing something so brave, let alone keeping crowds engaged while doing it, or even gaining a following and starting to record in the studio because of it.


Technically, I suppose the more songs they actually compose and then lay down on tape, the less improvisational they'll be at their shows. Maybe I shouldn't root for their commercial success!

Kidding, of course. Great things are on the horizon for Eric, drummer extraordinaire Will Trask and The Drunken Hearts' Jon McCartan on bass, and you will definitely see me at their next show Monday at the Southern Sun.


I've noticed a trend among musicians I know (and some I don't) that I think tells us something about the current state of the music business. When Grayson Erhard of Fort Collins and I were chatting about his newly recorded tracks and his plans for release, he told me that albums are dead. Instead, his plan at the time was to release each of the 12 or so songs as singles via his YouTube channel.

John Mayer just released a four-song EP in digital-only format. It's awesome and feels complete the way it's arranged. But four songs? The RunniKine boys above are planning a three-song EP for their debut. Sounds like they've one-EPped John here.

Former Denverite and Motet crooner Ayo Awosika is putting the finishing touches on a "digital-only, live video EP" release as a follow-up to her traditional debut album. The first album took nearly four years to publish, so timing must have something to do with the new style of release.

I think we're seeing both an acceptance of a new reality of music distribution and also seeing more control placed in the hands of the artists. It likely also means more frequent releases, if only a few songs at a time. Works great for vinyl lovers (no more thick and heavy two-disc sets) and to those of us always itching to hear more music from our favorite artists.

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