Liz Marsh
Liz Marsh

Hey, liberal men, where you at, guys? I gotta be honest, after a brutal campaign season in which the most qualified and thoroughly vetted candidate, who happened to be a woman, was required to go to Herculean efforts to be taken seriously — opposite a questionably sentient, talking pile of dog shit — I really thought we would all come together under the big umbrella of progressive politics. But instead, in Trump's America, I feel like some of you have abandoned us. We have found ourselves in a world where overt sexism is de rigeur, and some of you feel free to leave political correctness in the dust and express your own thinly veiled sexism freely.

Last week, I read an article in an awful, "progressive," Boulder-based rag that refers to itself as the "vision of an enlightened society." The article postures that women have, over time, emasculated men to such a degree that men have simply decided it's not worth the fight anymore. The ridicule of men in the media and the "feminisation of schools" contributes to this perceived marginalization of men. So where have all the good men gone? You rotten bitches made them go away. Hope you're happy with yourselves.

An enlightened society indeed.

It would be easy to write this off as the crazy rants of an arrogant misogynist, but it's hardly the only place where these themes are emerging. Recently, a woman was arrested for laughing at Jeff Sessions. Women's access to health care and reproductive freedom are threatened on a daily basis.


Progressive darling and honorary millennial Bernie Sanders recently encouraged the Democratic Party to adopt a more populist message with a focus on economics over social issues. He said this while stumping for an aggressively anti-choice Democratic mayoral candidate. Bernie's take? In a state like Nebraska, we have to compromise certain parts of the party platform in order to get Democrats elected. Women's freedoms just happened to be first on the chopping block.

Let me make this loud and clear, now is not the time to compromise. Now is not the time to play fast and loose with women's issues. In any society, the education of women, the economic standing of women and women's access to reproductive options are directly correlated to the success of that society as a whole. To put this simply, progressive dudes, you need us. In order to make positive changes — to the environment, to workers rights, to the world economy, to science — you need women.

But we can't help you fight for these things if we're busy fighting you for our own voice in the resistance.

Please don't separate women's issues or "social" issues from economic issues or anything else that you deem to be more widely agreeable. These things are one and the same. Lifting up women should not simply be a part of your populist message — it should be your populist message.

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