I hope you got a chance to head up to Gold Hill last weekend to catch the Gasoline Lollipops. True to form, the show sold out before 8:30, leaving a very large group of sad concertgoers outside. No matter actually — drink service was possible from the bar window, and the music actually sounded great from the open windows out front.

Still, the outside crowd couldn't match the madness inside, particularly on the dance floor. The floor itself bowed under the weight of the bouncing crowd, and at one point, I was struck right in the mouth by a flying pair of women's underwear. Helluva show.

Beforehand though, I got a chance to catch up with drummer Adam Perry about upcoming events and releases from one of Boulder's longtime go-to bands. And it got me thinking that I really need to be a better outlet for those whom I consider heroes: local musicians and those trying to make a living from the stage.

So if you, dear reader, are involved in making music locally or you know of locals doing big things that I may have missed, please fill me in by emailing me at sound@dailycamera.com.


I've developed mad respect for those who brave the stage with their artistic creations. In the three and a half years that the Colorado Daily operated Second Story Garage, I witnessed firsthand how much raw and well-processed musical talent exists here. It's a lot. If I can do anything in these pages, beyond explaining the inner workings of audio and music playback these days, I want to be a constant support for the local music scene.

Back to the Gasoline Lollipops. The band has some great news to share for the coming year. They'll be releasing their first-ever vinyl album, "Soul Mine," at a record-release party at the Fox on Dec. 16. Also on tap for the band are a bunch of extra-continental shows. First will be a tour in Europe — the band will be playing a dozen gigs in towns throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, starting in Brussels. Then the 'Pops will return to Belize, where they've performed under the palm trees before.

Nice work if you can get it! Keep an eye on gasolinelollipops.com for more info.

Monocle Band is another group I consider a perennial elite talent in the local scene. They've been working on their sophomore album since its crowdfunding campaign ended successfully earlier this year, and they're sporting a few new players since the last record was released in 2013. And with local recording guru John McVey producing and recording the record, the songs have taken on an entirely new character, according to lead singer Monica Whittington.

I also hear that the album features six-string wizard Bill Huston showing off more of his repertoire, and there will be more electric elements to the music than before.

Given the excellent sound quality of the last recording, I know the band's high standards and McVey's expertise will produce something magical. I can't wait. The next Monocle album is due out this fall, and I'll add more details as the release draws closer.

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