When I heard that a new album was recently produced featuring a variety of musicians from this area, I was intrigued. It feels like the last time we had a nice sampler disc of smaller local bands, KBCO's Studio C was the one driving the effort.

But in fact, there's a brand new pile of local music ready for download right now, and it's a great mix of mostly area sounds with a contribution by a Texas artist and one from New York. The price is right and, most importantly, buying it funds a very meaningful cause.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how, for some musicians, lyrics can be a kind of modern parallel to the soapbox preaching of days gone by. Cleverly crafted words with a musical background to fit can have a profound effect on our minds.

And music is just a naturally beautiful part of the human experience. It makes us move, it makes us feel and think and it's a part of life; we cherish it.

So it makes sense that it has an effect on us when we listen. I'd bet many of you reading have had some connection to creating music as well. If you have, then you know that making music can be just as enjoyable, if not moreso.

Music education has been shown to lift up struggling societies. There are nonprofits and NGOs all over the world that realize this, and many charities have been created to bring the power of music to places around the world where access is limited.


This cool sampler disc of music, called "Musicians for Peace," was assembled locally by the nonprofit Shropshire Foundation, which is based in Arizona. All proceeds from the record go to Shropshire.

Shropshire's mission statement says the organization "develops youth leadership and capacity for peacemaking and problem-solving in global conflict zones through the establishment of locally run, youth-led music education programs."

At $5 for a minimum donation, you can't beat this deal! Listen to what some of our best musicians have been up to, and help kids around the world at the same time.

The sampler disc is hosted for purchase by Play It Forward, which is another cool music-based nonprofit organization. PIF allows artists to sell music in exchange for charitable donations.

When you're done searching "Musicians For Peace" at playitforward.com, take a minute to browse around and see what causes and music they've got on tap.

The "Musicians for Peace" album starts with a kick, serving up local veterans Mama Magnolia and their trademark optimistic groove. Great female vocals characterize the first few tracks before the collection stretches into other genres.

The Fighters take us on a lyrical journey in a Vulfpeck-like rap track. Longmont's Prairie Scholars deliver what they do best — witty words woven between keys and guitar. The Railsplitters' lead singer Lauren Stovall makes an appearance with a solo track, and I was told four other songs were written just for this project.

All in all, it's a great representation of some of our best local music. Head over to Play It Forward and check it out!

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