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    Peace Train: U.S. militarizes space

    Drones rain death from the heavens
    09/22/2016 11:18 PM MDT
    Gazing at the stars recently, I mused on the fantasy that space should be the world's peaceful commons. 
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    Peace Train: A tiny David takes on the giants
    09/01/2016 04:12 PM MDT - "Those without a lot of wealth or a lot of power are getting absolutely killed in America today," according to Michael Snyder from "The American Dream," and the same could be said worldwide. Full Story

    Kate Becker: Proxima b: The world next door
    09/02/2016 06:17 AM MDT - So close, and yet so far. The old cliché has been ringing in my head since last week, when an international team of astronomers announced that they have found a planet circling around the sun's nearest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri — a planet that just might be a lot like Earth. Full Story

    Boulder and the Beautiful: Back to school style
    09/01/2016 02:42 PM MDT - For a mom, the first day of first grade is different than the first day of kindergarten. Full Story

    Words of wisdom: Dear freshmen
    08/21/2016 09:39 PM MDT - I won't presume to know what brought you, dear reader, to the University of Colorado. If I were to presume, I'd say that you're here because you like to smoke weed and play in the mountains, or because you're interested in studying science. Full Story

    Peace Train: Will we never learn?
    08/18/2016 05:48 PM MDT - I have a horrible sense of déjà vu. Recently, every four years, the Democratic and Republican parties nominate candidates who don't threaten the interests of the rich and powerful. Full Story

    Peace Train: Nuclear weapons are an existential peril
    08/11/2016 07:02 PM MDT - The U.S.-dominated NATO generals say, "first use of nuclear weapons must remain in the quiver of escalation," according to Ron Rosenbaum in his book "How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III. Full Story

    Peace Train: Do nuclear weapons prevent war?
    08/04/2016 04:22 PM MDT - Nuclear weapons advocates often say that nuclear weapons prevent war and thus make our world safer. Is this assertion credible? Full Story

    Kate Becker: Life on Earth may be a cosmic early bird
    08/05/2016 06:16 AM MDT - Running late starts early.The alarm clock you slept through. The keys you couldn't find. The traffic that wouldn't budge. The agonizing wait in the long, snaking line at the coffee shop. Meetings starting. Deadlines looming. Always, always rushing. Has it always been this way? Full Story

    Peace Train: The golden rule
    07/27/2016 04:27 PM MDT - The golden rule that appears in some form in many religious and ethical traditions is that "we should treat others as we wish to be treated." Full Story

    Kate Becker: Rocky worlds around an ultracool star
    07/22/2016 06:08 AM MDT - "Rocky" is not a sweet word. Rocky starts. Rocky marriages. Rocky roads. But to astronomers searching for planets like Earth, "rocky" sounds sweet indeed. Full Story

    Peace Train: The threat of hegemony
    07/21/2016 04:34 PM MDT - Hegemony — noun: leadership or dominance, especially by one country or social group over others. Full Story

    Peace Train: Brexit and nuclear weapons
    07/15/2016 11:10 AM MDT - On the west coast of Scotland, next to the deep waters of the Gare Loch and Firth of Clyde, reside four Trident-armed Vanguard submarines. Full Story

    Peace Train: NATO must be abolished
    07/14/2016 07:25 PM MDT - The North Atlantic Treaty Organization was founded in April 1949 as a military alliance to protect Western European countries against aggression by the Soviet Union. Full Story

    Rocky Mountain Gamer: Going mobile gets serious
    07/14/2016 01:27 PM MDT - Up to this point, I have eschewed mobile games. With half a dozen game consoles hooked to my TV at any one time, not to mention a PC with an overflowing Steam library, it seemed like an exercise in excess to start playing games on my phone. Full Story

    On Air Next: Told Slant, Guts Club and JC Flowers
    07/18/2016 05:01 PM MDT - This week, we're spinning three incredibly lonely records. These new releases from Told Slant, Guts Club, and JC Flowers all feel extremely personal and vulnerable. Full Story

    Bear With Me: Educated into destitution
    07/18/2016 04:39 PM MDT - After a rather lovely weekend, I finally got around to checking my mail and was somewhat taken aback to see that my student loan payment had jumped from a reasonable $47 a month to a ruinous $450. Full Story

    Peace Train: Time for a nonviolent revolution
    07/08/2016 01:17 PM MDT - One of the events leading up to the start of the American Revolution (secession from Britain) was the 1773 Boston Tea Party. Full Story

    On air next: Blood Orange, clipping. and Colder
    07/18/2016 05:01 PM MDT - This week, we're spinning three fascinating records from Blood Orange, clipping. and Colder. Our July CD of the Month is Blood Orange's "Freetown Sound. Full Story

    Bear With Me: A miracle at Folsom Field
    07/18/2016 04:38 PM MDT - The day Jerry Garcia died, I spent several hours drinking cheap gin and orange juice with two drifters named Timberwolf and Guitar Joe while we consoled a depressed hippie. Full Story

    Space Potato: Gawking at a gas giant
    07/18/2016 04:42 PM MDT - Hola, folks. It's your friendly, neighborhood editor filling in again, and well-equipped to commiserate with your party-tender head meats. Full Story

    On air next Mitski, Male Gaze and Daniel Romano
    07/18/2016 05:01 PM MDT - Since 2014's "Bury Me At Makeout Creek," Brooklyn-based Mitski has been on top of the indie rock world. Full Story

    Bear With Me: The lonely death of D. Christopher Bear
    07/18/2016 04:38 PM MDT - I know it's our right as Americans to own guns, and when I listen hard enough, I can hear the faint, ghostly echoes of our forefathers loudly proclaiming, "Don't take our muskets!" Full Story

    Peace Train: The meaning of genocide
    06/23/2016 02:51 PM MDT - Mass murder perpetrated by agents of the state is as old as recorded human history, but the concept of genocide is relatively recent. Full Story

    On Air Next: The Silver Lake Chorus, Let's Eat Grandma and Deerhoof
    07/18/2016 05:00 PM MDT - The first record this week comes from The Silver Lake Chorus, a group from the affluent Hollywood suburb of Silver Lake that records choral music. Full Story

    Bear With Me: A gay dance club on every corner
    07/18/2016 04:38 PM MDT - The world needs more gay dance clubs and fewer guns. That was the first thing that came to mind after I learned a man walked into Pulse nightclub in Orlando earlier this month, killed 49 people and wounded dozens more earlier this month. Full Story

    From the editor: Hola, Boulder
    07/18/2016 04:57 PM MDT - Well, hello there. Come here often? Pleased to meetcha. Although, you know, you look familiar. Maybe we've already met on campus or on a trail. Or maybe you've seen me yelling along to some Weird Al while we were both waiting at a stoplight. Because I've been kick Full Story

    Peace Train: What about Obama's commitment to nuclear disarmament?
    06/09/2016 09:02 PM MDT - When Barack Obama became president of the United States, he advocated nuclear disarmament and working towards a world without nuclear weapons. This commitment has vanished without a trace. The Obama administration is currently implementing a trillion-dollar nuclear weapons "modernization" program stretching over the next three decades.  Full Story

    On air next: Holy Fuck, Big Thief and Spray Paint
    07/18/2016 05:00 PM MDT - This week, we're spinning Holy Fuck, Big Thief, and Spray Paint. Our CD of the Month for June is the fourth LP from Canadian quartet Holy Fuck. Full Story

    Bear With Me: Mexicans save lives
    07/18/2016 04:38 PM MDT - There has been all this brouhaha about building a giant wall to separate the Republic of Mexico from the United States of America. Full Story

    (Matt York / Associated Press)
    College footballCU football: Buffs reeling from first blowout loss

    Turnovers, sacks allowed pile up in defeats

    After many of Colorado's Pac-12 losses over the years, there was a helpless feeling coming from the Buffaloes.

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    (Matt York / Associated Press)
    College footballCU football: Buffs reeling from first blowout loss

    Turnovers, sacks allowed pile up in defeats

    After many of Colorado's Pac-12 losses over the years, there was a helpless feeling coming from the Buffaloes.

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    Second Story Garage: Bandits

    Boulder is pretty good at producing rock bands, and by "rock," we mean the in-your-face, guitar-heavy, leather-clad variety — you know, the good kind. For a prime example, look no farther than BANDITS. Full Story

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