S uddenly, with Wolf Creek re-opening after their snow-season starter last weekend, and Arapahoe Basin having opened Thursday with Loveland right on their heels Friday, here we are pondering one of life's bigger questions:

Where will I go to ski/ride this weekend?

Note: For me personally, this is not one of life's big questions. I'd put cosmic and spiritual questions near the top of the list, then follow those with: What color should I paint my purple bathroom? Fish tacos? Or chicken?

And, which beer?

Then, finally, where should I ski? The answer this weekend is, rock climbing or hiking. In my book, it's too nice and 70 degrees and aspen-y to ski. But I'm not a serial first-chair go-getter like those dudes who snagged it last weekend at Wolf Creek.

But if you don't like my answer, here's a way to double your skiing pleasure this weekend: Pre-empt your Saturday skiing with a healthy does of ski porn at the Teton Gravity Research flick "One for the Road," which shows tonight at the Boulder Theater.

"We look for athletes who are doing groundbreaking stuff and pushing it to the limits," said Teton Gravity Research producer Greg Epstein. "Our athletes, what they're doing out there is very calculated, they know what they're doing."

In "One for the Road," though, one of the athletes, Ian McIntosh, miscalculates, and the TGR crew captures his femur-snapping accident on film. (You can find this clip online if you want to cringe now, not later.)


Epstein: "We got him out of the field and into a hospital in Alaska in 45 minutes."


Info: Two shows Friday night, 7 and 9 p.m.; $19.50. bouldertheater.com; tetongravity.com/one-for-the-road/

Gear swap

If you read my Monday column, you know that I recently made a pilgrimage to Ikea in Centennial.

A trip to Ikea is a sure sign that you're desperately seeking that fine line in the household balancing act between tossing and hoarding.

Woohoo! Look at the shoes I get to keep with my nifty $4 shoe organizer! Watch the old shoe boxes go out the door, into recycling! Look how organized I am!

Gear swaps, like the one at Neptune Mountaineering on Saturday afternoon, present a similar give-and-take conundrum.

Woohoo! Gary Neptune's providing the space for me to sell! But I want to buy or trade with this other guy! Look how I've refined my personal gear selections!

If you figure out this whole balancing act, please call me. No don't call, you'd interrupt me meditating on this. Just come over and organize my gear closets instead.

At least my shoes are under control.

Info: Swap 3 to 5 p.m. Saturday; Loveland lift tickets on sale 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. neptunemountaineering.com

Slack for trees

It's time to give back to the trees.

Some CU students (who slackline) have organized today's Slacking for Trees , a slacklining event on campus that benefits One Million Trees, an organization that plants rain forest trees in Indonesia.

In addition to raising awareness about deforestation in the rain forests, Slacking for Trees is also an opportunity to learn to slackline from a few of Gibbon Slackline's pros and then check out the slacklining competition in the afternoon.

All of the slacklines at this event will be padded out with Gibbon's Treewear, and the organizers want other students to know it's a good idea to do that all the time.

"We want people to realize they need to wrap the trees," said Travis Brown, one of the organizers.

The result, he says, is more slacklining for all.

Info: Norlin Quad, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday; slacklining competition begins around 2 p.m. Search Facebook for Slacking for Trees; onemilliontrees.org.