Your turn

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Name: Courtney McShane

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Hails from: Los Angeles, Calif.

Q: What is the most boring sport?

A: "Golf."

Q: Do you have a favorite nail polish color?

A: "Hot pink."

Q: Describe the perfect breakfast.

A: "Eggs Benedict."

Q: Where do you see yourself in one year?

A: "Law school, maybe in California."

Q: Gold, or silver?

A: "Silver, but is there a platinum option?"

Q: Do you sit, or hover in public bathrooms?

A: "Hover, because it's disgusting."

Q: Which would you rather not wash for 6 months; your hair, or your sheets?

A: "Sheets, your hair gets itchy if you don't wash it."

Q: What's the weirdest thing you've ever done driving?

A: "Probably hiding from someone.



Q: Have you watched 'X Factor' this season?

A: "Nope."

Q: Zombie movies, or vampire movies?

A: "Vampire movies. I'd have to unfortunately go with 'Twilight' as a favorite."