Last week, many University of Colorado headed home for the holidays leaving the Boulder campus calm and quiet for the next four weeks. 

With many of the campus cafes closed for winter break -- including the Laughing Goat in Norlin Library and the Pekoe Sip House in Atlas -- stragglers flocked to the University Memorial Center for coffee and lunch on Monday.

CU graduate student Brittney Johnson said it was easy to get around campus Monday without fighting the crowds of students moving to and from classes. 

"It's empty and cold so there's even fewer people here because of the weather," Johnson said. 

Johnson works at the CU Art Museum, a job that's keeping her in Boulder for most of her break. 

"My fiance and I are going to Chicago this weekend to visit his family for Christmas," Johnson said. "Otherwise, I'll be here doing a little reading for classes and relaxing."

CU sophomore Porsche Suggs works in the physics department and said she's excited to stay on campus during the break. 

"Because there's no one here, there's no rush to get anywhere and it's really relaxing," Suggs said. "I'm looking forward to the quiet."

Suggs said she's making the trip home to Maryland for Christmas later this week but she's planning to spend the rest of her break in Boulder. 

Classes begin Jan. 17 but Suggs said she's hoping to use part of her break to do some extra reading before heading into another semester. 

"This way I won't be too lazy and it won't be so hard to get back into the swing of things," Suggs said. 

CU senior Mariana Rodriguez said the best parts about campus during winter break are the short lines. 

"It didn't take me long to get here today and I didn't have to wait long for my food and it was so easy to find a table to eat at," Rodriguez said. "The campus is so nice when it's quiet like this."

Rodriguez is working on research for her undergraduate thesis during the break. 

Building hours will vary during the break but most departments will be open during winter break, according to the Office of Student Affairs.