Jenn Fields

Y ou lucky Buffs.

Do you know how lucky you are? Maybe the chaos that ensues surrounding a presidential visit in Boulder and on campus at the University of Colorado doesn't feel lucky -- especially if the guy who keeps coming to visit isn't your guy. Or if you don't give a rat's patooty (is that a word?) about politics. Or if you support a monarchy here in the Republic, or if you're a single-issue voter who thinks it's a shame the prairie dogs don't get to vote.

Whatever your politics or lack thereof, it's cool, we're down with that. But the apathetic aside, it's pretty notable that as of today, the President of the United States will have visited Boulder three times this year to court your uber-important vote. Most citizens don't have three opportunities in a year to see the POTUS speak in person.

It's historic. It's special -- maybe even more special than the prairie dog voting machines you've engineered -- and so is your vote in this state this year, Buffs (assuming you're not from California). Don't lose sight of that. I'll reiterate:

You're getting housecalls

First off, the POTUS is coming to you. Gone is the time when you had to haul your protest signs and your can-do spirit all the way to Washington in your Prius. Forget spamming the White House with your cause ("A monarchy could work here, and we should crown a king and queen -- equal balance of power -- based on the man and woman who can eat the most peanuts at the Walrus.") via email and getting fed up with the lack of response and thus trying to board a plane to Washington with your ski-pole scepter in hand only to be turned around by the TSA.


But this year, the man comes to you.

You're being courted

Four years ago, Obama's get-out-the-vote machine was, well, a machine. (Some of you were juniors at CU then, too. It's cool, nothing wrong with the six-year plan.) This time around, though, he's having to work a little harder to get you psyched. Hence this visit.

And the other visit.

And the visit before that.

Basically, he's courting you young voters like Romeo showing up under Juliet's balcony. And just like the play, parting is only sweet sorrow until the morrow, when he'll be back again to talk about how rad he is.

He's not really coming back on Friday. But isn't he one visit short of stalking us Boulderites? Aren't you just a little worried that this weekend, you'll be out on a hike from Chautauqua, and BOOM, there's the POTUS dropping "get out the vote!" flyers off the First Flatiron?

Nah. Won't happen.

Unless the flyers are biodegradable.

Your vote matters

He's coming here to your home and romancing you because boy does your vote matter this year.

Well. Those of you who are voting as Colorado residents, anyway. (We already had the California discussion.) NPR show Colorado Matters reported that one vote in Colorado is equivalent to thousands votes in a non-swing state this year, according to a Princeton professor who calculates this sort of stuff. Votes in this state are powerful, he says.

We are special unicorns.

Relish this attention while you can. I checked in with editors at my alma mater in Columbia, Mo., and was told that since Missouri isn't a swing state any more, they haven't had a single visit from a candidate.

Poor Tigers, ignored. Lucky Buffs get house calls right here in BoCo.

I think we've won like more football games, though.

Like you care.

Now go vote!