The University of Colorado-Boulder Recreation Center is paying tribute to victims of the Boston Marathon bombing by asking students, staff and community members to do 26.2 of something on Monday, April 22. 

A marathon is 26.2 miles, but event organizers encourage participants to choose any activity, not just running, to do 26.2 times.

The CU Rec Center will be free to faculty, staff and graduate students on Monday, and will offer free fitness classes that day. 

Organizers Annalise Seidel, the center's outdoor program coordinator, and Nicole LaRocque, the center's assistant director of fitness and wellness, are both endurance athletes and decided to plan a day to commemorate the marathon's victims. The bombing near the marathon's finish line left at least three people dead and wounded more than 170.

LaRocque said the center is asking participants to do "26.2 of something," whether it be running, cycling, swimming, breathing, yoga or any number of activities, to show solidarity.

"Do what you want and do what you can," LaRocque said. "Move in a way that inspires you. Find something that's meaningful to you, something that gives you that sense of crossing the finish line."

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