Boulder issued the city's first license for full conversion from medical to recreational marijuana on Friday.

But don't expect to see a retail pot shop opening in town anytime soon.

The new license went to a cultivation facility located in Boulder owned by a Summit County dispensary, Breckenridge Organic Therapy.

Coming Sunday

A look at what's expected to be Boulder County's first retail marijuana shop — and how soon it will open

While that pot won't be sold in Boulder, the city will receive excise tax on the marijuana grown at the facility once it gets its state license — most likely in late February.

Jeff Gard, an attorney for the business, said the process went very smoothly.

Boulder Tax and Licensing Manager Mishawn Cook had said simple conversions for businesses with no ownership changes should only take a half hour, and Gard said the city seems to be living up to that commitment.

Although recreational pot shops are open for business in Denver and other parts of Colorado, the roll out of retail marijuana has been delayed in Boulder.

That's because the state would not accept applications from businesses in cities that weren't currently accepting applications, and Boulder did not start accepting applications until Jan. 2.

However, the city's licensing office has not been flooded with requests.

Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division by law cannot issue a state license any sooner than 45 days from the date of application, and with the city promising a quick turnaround, some business owners are waiting for the state process to take its course before applying for the necessary local license.

Others are waiting to apply for a license to co-locate, or run a medical and a recreational business out of the same premises.

Boulder will begin taking applications for marijuana businesses that want to co-locate on Tuesday.

Business owners in Boulder that want to co-locate must also physically separate their medical and recreational businesses.

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