The University Corporation for Atmospheric Research has signed an agreement with the National Science Foundation to continue its management of the Boulder-based National Center for Atmospheric Research for five more years.

NCAR is recognized as a world leader in the geosciences, focusing on better understanding weather, air quality, upper atmospheric phenomena, the sun and the impacts of weather and climate on society. It works with meteorologists worldwide to improve forecasting and better protect society from weather hazards.

Stephan Nelson, who oversees NCAR at NSF, noted in a news release that NCAR plays an important role in accomplishing the scientific objectives of the NSF Division of the Atmospheric and Geospace Sciences.

UCAR and NCAR have a staff of about 1,400 employees. They contributed about $420 million to the state economy in fiscal year 2012, supporting direct and indirect employment of more than 3,100 workers.

The new agreement runs through Sept. 30, 2018.