New Colorado athletic director Rick George swung by a familiar place on Sunday morning.

George, who officially begins his new job on Monday, attended CU's football practice. Afterward, head coach Mike MacIntyre introduced George to the entire team and George spoke to the players for a brief moment.

"I did want to start by being here today at practice," George said. "I wanted that to be the first thing I did when I got here. So, I'm glad I did that."

George was hired last month as the sixth full-time athletic director in CU history. A former player at Illinois, he worked at CU from 1987-1991, serving as an assistant athletic director for football operations. He helped assemble that talent that delivered CU's only football national title, in 1990.

"I've got fond memories of the work that we did out here (on the practice field) in preparation for the national championship 23 years ago," George said. "It's been about 23 years since I've been back on this field, so it's great to be out here, great to be around young people and I really like what coach Mac and his staff are doing. It's a good day."

MacIntyre was pleased to hear that George's first stop in Boulder was the practice field.

"I think it's very important for (the players) to meet Rick," he said. "He's been on this field before and seen teams practice and worked with them. I think it was nostalgic for him, but at the same time he's excited about the future and what's going to happen."


George said he believes his background as a player and recruiter will help him connect with the current players and coaches.

He said he was impressed with what he saw from Sunday's practice, particularly the amount of work the team got done and the encouraging nature of the coaching staff. George also said he got a good first impression of MacIntyre as a coach.

"He gets after it," George said. "He works hard, he pushes his players, but at the same time he pushes them, he loves them. There's got to be a good balance of that. He's good at what he does, he teaches and I think that's part of being a great head coach.

"My first impressions of him are really, really happy that he's our head football coach."

As for his own job, George said he's done a lot of behind the scenes work already since he was hired nearly three weeks ago, mostly educating himself on a lot of different aspects of the department.

George said that on Monday, he'll begin by meeting some of the coaches and others on campus. He also said he'll have lunch with donors, as he begins the process of trying to raise $50 million for planned facility upgrades.

"We know what our goal is," he said. "Our goal is to generate enough revenue and fund raising dollars to be able to support new facilities. We'll start that tomorrow and we're going to work at it until we get it done."

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