Elizabeth Fox -- a University of Colorado freshman from Tennessee -- took a solo tour of campus Sunday night, mapping out where her classes were so that she didn't get lost on her first day of college.

“I looked like a tourist,” she said.

But, Monday morning went smooth and was productive -- starting off with an 8 a.m. math class, Fox said.

The communication student said she discovered CU after a college counselor suggested it'd be a good fit. So far, she's loving campus life and is considering joining a sorority.

Today is the first day of the fall semester for CU students. And, for the first time, the university set up information kiosks throughout campus where lost students could stop and get directions to their classes.

Dean of Students Christina Gonzales worked at a booth near Farrand Field. The information kiosks, she said, are meant to help students find their way amid the construction happening on campus. Also, she said, all of the red-tiled roof buildings can be hard for students to tell apart.

CU is expecting a freshman class of 5,700 to 5,800 this year. Over the past few years, CU officials have been trying to draw more international students to the campus . Last fall, CU enrolled 1,643 degree-seeking students with student visas, an all-time high for the Boulder campus.

A campus census due out in mid-September will reveal demographic trends for this year's cohort of students.


Sijia Li, a sophomore from China, said she belongs to a cultural group on campus that celebrates Chinese holidays and keeps her connected to her roots.

The biochemistry student said she's looking forward “to meeting more friends” this year, as well as the chemistry courses that are mixed into her schedule.

“People are so friendly here,” she said. “They stop and say ‘hi' even if they don't know you.”

CU freshman Emily Long enjoyed a morning of music courses. She came to CU from New York after taking an oboe lesson with a professor in Boulder.

“I can't get over the mountains,” she said Monday morning on her way back from classes.

The music student is also considering double majoring in French.

Long lived in Paris when she was 6 years old and said while she's not fluent, she learned much of the language “by ear” and wants to polish up her grammar skills.

She's also taking a French composition course that blends her two academic interests.

CU sophomore Emily Bartlomiejczuk is a native Polish speaker, who said she's most looking forward to her Spanish and Portuguese classes this year.

Learning new languages, she said, “just clicks.”

Asked what her goal is for the new school year, she said: “I guess I want to do what every college student wants to do -- to discover themselves and decide what they want to do in life.”

Freddy Newton, a CU senior, said he's learned a few things about crafting a perfect schedule. He likes to start his day around 11 a.m. -- so he can enjoy a slow morning and have some buffer time so that he never oversleeps and accidentally misses an exam.

He's most looking forward to a Buddhism as philosophy class, taught by a favorite professor who also taught a science fiction and philosophy course a couple of years ago.

For Ian Walker, a junior film student, Monday morning started off a little rocky.

“I just woke up,” he said at 10:02 a.m. as he was headed to a 10 a.m. biology lab.

Walker, a film student from Greeley, said he stacked his schedule with core classes this year because he  needed a break from paying for equipment needed for his major.

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