With finals coming up, University of Colorado police are warning students about the dangers of abusing "study aid" drugs after the arrest of two students this week on suspicion of dealing Adderall.

CU students Christopher Valentine and Graham Hankin were arrested earlier this week on campus. According to police, Hankin was selling Adderall to other students for $5 per pill while Valentine was charging $4 per pill.

Hankin is facing charges of distribution of a controlled substance and possession with intent to manufacture or distribute -- Class 3 felonies -- and one count of possession of a controlled substance -- a Class 4 felony.

Valentine is facing one count of distribution of a controlled substance.

Both men are free on bond. Hankin is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 19 while Valentine is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 30.

"While perhaps tempting, it is against the law to use or possess study aid drugs that are not prescribed to you," said CU police Cpl. Matthew DeLaria in a statement. "It is also illegal for those with legitimate prescriptions to provide their drugs to others."

In addition to criminal charges, students caught distributing or unlawfully possession study aid drugs are referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

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