If you go

What: Art for the People

When: 9 p.m.-1 a.m. Saturday

Where: Apex Movement, 5757 Arapahoe Ave., Unit C-2, Boulder

More info: artforthepeople.net, dome32.com

Correction: In print and online, some references to this event's timing were incorrect. The event is Saturday. from 9 p.m.-1 a.m.

Rio Gralnick feels everyone should stop for a minute. That's why he's connected with Apex Movement, a parkour facility in town, which will be hosting the fourth ever Art for the People event Saturday night.

"Art for the People," says the 37-year-old Gralnick, "is a way for everyone to celebrate and enjoy their community, to find their place in that community and to find that piece in themselves that is special."

Gralnick, a multidisciplinary artist, has also created Art for the People in order to offer emerging artists from all over the world an opportunity to have a platform, to receive feedback. Tomorrow night's family-friendly event will include exhibitions of painting, sculpture, music, healing arts, laser art, fire spinning, aerial acrobatics and Apex Movement's own parkour.

Started five years ago, Apex Movement offers lessons for this ancient art that, according to co-owner Amos Rendao, is "much closer to a martial art in making bodies stronger through neuromuscular training for functional fitness."


It's about any movement you can think of to get from point 'A' to point 'B,'" says Rendao. This includes running up and jumping off of walls, as sensationalized in contemporary films.

Rendao has lately been offering his space for use by community events such as local competitions, dodge ball tournaments, live music shows and now Art for the People.

"We're a holistically-based collective of conscious-minded, entrepreneurial young people who value love above all else," says Gralnick.

Gralnick is working to make his project a non-profit organization that -- through charitable donations and the teaching of alternative healing practices -- will become a direct contributor in the fight against cancer. This is an intensely personal goal for Gralnick whose own mother, Helene, is a cancer survivor.

Gralnick is equally passionate about Art for the People's assisting new artists in securing exposure. This includes Gralnick's own father, 76-year-old Marvin Gralnick, whose first American exhibition was provided by a previous Art for the People event.

According to featured local artist Neil Hirschowitz, Art for the People is about "honoring Marvin Gralnick's legacy" in collusion with "elevating art in Boulder" itself.

"I've always been interested in bringing art back to the people," says Hirschowitz. "To make it more interactive."

For Gralnick, Art for the People is much more. "It's a movement. It's about change. It's about revolution."