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If you can say that anything good has come of crushing economic circumstances, I think you have to start with the popularization of D.I.Y. everything. Environmental types, foodies, crafters, music lovers, artists -- everybody's into do-it-yourself living. How many hand-knitted scarves must have been given as gifts over the last decade? I don't know exactly, but I know that it's enough that everybody has a couple already, forcing knitters to look for other things to do, like knitting tree sweaters and "yarn bombing" and so on.

I prefer arts bombing -- D.I.Y.-inspired events. Scrappy, huggable and small enough that if somebody yells "COPS!" you can clear the joint in a flash. That's how it oughtta be.

For example, picture this: you're in the Lazy Dog's cavelike basement, beer in hand, surrounded by theater nerds drawing pictures, possibly with crayons, watching previews of upcoming shows, unexpectedly getting on stage yourself and getting a catchy theme song stuck in your head for a few weeks. Sounds about right. Once a month, Boulder Fringe types get together to do all of that at Big Time, and you can join 'em on Monday at 7 p.m. in the basement of the Lazy Dog, 1346 Pearl St.


There'll be opportunities, if you like, to perform five minutes of your own stuff, too, so bring that Porta-Potty Peeper interpretive dance piece you've been working on, or your final-exam-related slam poetry, or an excerpt of your new play, "Glengarry Glen Ralphie," which you've written for Kevin Spacey to play Ted Turner and Al Pacino to play an American bison trying to eke out a living along U.S. 36. Boy, you write weird stuff. Who would believe Pacino as a bison? Good luck with that.

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Too scrappy? Well, there's also the D.I.Y.-style art event at BMoCA, Open Wall . It is what it sounds like it is: Show up to BMoCA, 1750 13th St., at 5:30 p.m. on Friday. On a first-come, first-serve basis, put up your own art for exhibition on the actual wall at this actual museum. "All artistic media are welcome," says the museum's website.

So you can bring that butter sculpture of Tyler Hansen you've been working on, or your 4/20 on Farrand Field diorama made from old junk food and toothpicks, or your oil painting of Ted Turner playing Al Pacino as an American bison by the side of U.S. 36 which, by the way, is ridiculous but oddly touching. The way he sort of looks out, longingly, not at the viewer but just past. And you want nothing but to wave and get his attention, to warn him: "Ted! Ted! Behind you, there's a guy with a hamburger bun, a side of fries, tomatoes, lettuce and crisp onions, sliced paper-thin! I don't trust him!"

I honestly don't know where you come up with this stuff.

Even if you don't get your art into the show -- or don't have anything to show -- you can check out art from tons of local artists, bid in the silent auction (cheapest you'll find, I'd wager), listen to live music and enjoy some snacks. The event runs 6:30-10 p.m. More info at