A fish monster, bikini beach broads and rum walk into a bar.

This could either flip catastrophic or splendid.

I say superb.

Sunday night at 8 p.m., Adrift tiki bar, 218 S. Broadway, Denver, is hosting Tiki Fink Theatre: The Beach Girls and the Monster.

Monster: a seaweed-laced mutant fish-monster.

Scientist: one who gave up surfing for science.

Beach girls: bikini-clad dancing girls (from Los Angeles' famed Whiskey a Go Go on Sunset Boulevard) who (may) get slaughtered by fish dude.

This 1964 beach-party horror flick is bad. I mean real bad. But it's bad in the best way.

Just look at the tagline on that movie poster: "Call it a bash! Call it a ball! Call it a blast!"

christy fantz
Christy Fantz

Man, 1960's surf owned cheesy. It owned it.

But hear here on this other tagline, which just now provided me with my brand new favorite phrase: "Beach party lovers make hey! hey! in the moonlight ... while the monster lurks in the shadows!"

Make "hey! hey!"?

Yeah. Gonna overuse that one.

Adrift is Denver's new(ish) bamboo-walled bar is dimly lit (with funky lamps) and adorned with tiki statues, has 40 rum varieties. The bar also serves small plates for you to pad your stomach lining.

Sunday's party will screen the campy film at 8 p.m., with free admission, free popcorn and plenty of stiff tropical drinks.

Pound a Scorpion Bowl or a Zombie drink and go make hey! hey! with your la-day.


Oh dear.

Info: Sunday at 8 p.m.; Adrift, 218 S. Broadway, Denver; 303-862-5749; facebook.com/adriftbar; free

Screen-print art party

I like to pretend I'm an "artist." I can draw superior to the average stick figure talent, but my craft only stretches as far as my "Buddy Butt" cartoon I pen on scrap paper while swigging cheap wine in bed.

If I had higher-caliber talent, I would like to hang my shit at IndyInk, 84 S. Broadway, Denver. (Look at that. Right next to Adrift. Sexy.) The T-shirts are awesome (one reads "Local" with the "C" as the Colorado flag's circular red "C." Save me one.) and the silkscreen prints are weird, local, handmade and overall just neat.

The screen-printing apparel and art shop is celebrating its 10th anniversary Saturday night between 7 p.m. and midnight with an art-of-all-types show. Check out the (extremely) affordable art pieces and while you're at it -- snag a $10 T-shirt. Get some unique and local art on your walls to ensure your pad does not continue to look like a padded cell.

And since you asked, "Buddy Butt" is my amateur cartoon about my late little fuzzy buddy, Ezra. It's his distinct old man personality, with a reader perspective from his behind -- well, his waggy, fuzzy tail. It's a good time.

I'll stop talking.

Info: Saturday 7 p.m.-midnight; Indy Ink, 84 S. Broadway, Denver; indyink.com; 720-937-9722; free.