alexandra sieh

A h, the holidays.

They're back.

You may not have noticed over the obnoxious roar of political ads, but now that the election season has passed, you now get to feel that sharp slap in the face of Christmas displays and music that's been sneakily infesting everything since mid-October.

Good grief.

Now, let's be clear. I love that I get to see more family around the holidays and that there's a focus on finding time for those you love.

But bottom line, I'm just not a holiday gal.

Can't stand Christmas songs any day other than Dec. 25. Never enjoyed traditional Thanksgiving Day food. And I've got to be one of the worst gift-givers in the world. Probably stems from my deep hatred of shopping.


Now these holidays are cramping the nightlife scene -- yet another way they personally irritate me.

But with a little creativity and plenty of internet searches, I may have found a few things for y'all this weekend. Apologies for the lack of any type of consistency. It's a take-what-you-can-get kind of situation.

And remember, beer pong in the garage and shots at the bar are always there, no matter the season.

But hey, if you're already heading to Pearl Street, you should hit the scene a little early and check out Barrio E', a Puerto Rican bomba celebration.

No, I didn't know what that was either.


But at this completely free -- appealing, eh? -- event, you'll get to try out bomba percussion, dance and song, with folks from Barrio E' on hand to educate you on all things Puerto Rico.

Something new. I like it.

Info: Barrio E' celebration, Pearl Street Mall from 6 to 7 p.m. Friday.

Off the beaten track

Not feeling the bar scene? Yea, I know how that goes. Course, I'm old. Not sure what your excuse is.

I'll buy personal finance restrictions, I guess.

Well Club 156 in the University of Colorado's University Memorial Center has got you covered.

Indigenous Peoples -- along with S.O.S., an R&B group from Denver that's sitting pretty at No. 7 of Denver's R&B charts -- is heading to campus, along with an opening act from local Cheeba G.

Known for blending hip hop, jazz and funk, Indigenous Peoples takes social issues, sick beats, big energy and voila: a pumped-up Friday night right there on campus.

Info: Indigenous Peoples and S.O.S. with Cheeba G at Club 156. Friday at 8 p.m. for $8 at the UMC's Connection. Open to all ages.


Honoring veterans

Now, to defend myself a bit. I'm not completely anti-holiday. Actually have one last event here that marks a day I consider worthwhile.

In honor of Veteran's Day this Sunday, your school's got a showing of "V-DAY 11.11.11," a documentary into the lives of our veterans.

With folks involved in the movie in attendance, the film will hit the screen on Friday at the Old Main Chapel on campus and is free and open to anyone with an hour or two to spare.

Also being shown: "The Welcome," following veterans through a healing retreat.

A not-so-frivolous way to pass a few hours on your Friday night.

Info: Free screening of "V-DAY 11.11.11," 5 p.m. Friday at the Old Main Chapel.


Jam '90s-style

Huh, just realized I blatantly neglected every other day of your weekend. But man, will that Friday be jam-packed with fun.

I'll throw this out there. The Walrus Saloon has their November MixTape out. A '90s "megamix," they're calling it.

Pretty sure I'd really get into this one. It's got a "Boy Meets World"-themed cover for god's sake.

Well, I'm off to Vegas.

No, seriously.

Here's hoping I have all my teeth when I get back.

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