R ipe organic avocados, whiskey, Perrier.

It's just another day of meeting celebrities' demands.

After meeting those demands through the fall as a talent intern for "Late Show with David Letterman," University of Colorado senior Susan Gonch is one step closer to her goal of becoming a television writer.

Gonch, 22, worked full-time from August through December, without pay, making sure the celebrity guests' strangest requests were met.

We caught up with Gonch to find out more about her job, the celebs and the host himself.


How did you get the gig?

I had no connections at all in any part of the television industry when I applied. For the "Late Show" you just had to send out a resume and cover letter, so I did that and expected to never hear back. I'm pretty sure I was the wild card that they decided to give a chance to just because I was so enthusiastic.

What were you responsibilities?

I was a talent intern, so I was in charge of setting up the dressing rooms for celebrities and getting the lists of crazy things they wanted. We got them whatever they wanted when they arrived and then clear it out after they left.

Which celeb demands were the worst?


Mostly it was the bands that were really difficult. On my very first day there, the band was Train and they had an entire grocery list of things they wanted, including Perrier water. The store didn't have Perrier so we got Pellegrino instead. When we got back their people told us we had to get the right one, so I had to sprint down the streets of New York to get the right water.

Alicia Keys was the worst, because she wanted all this crazy, organic stuff that was really, really hard to get and really expensive. She's there for like an hour tops, but there's cases and cases of drinks and stuff on her list. Her people had us rearranging the dressing room, and the avocados I got were not ripe enough so I had to go get new ones.

I had to go get a bottle of whiskey for Amanda Seyfried from "Les Mis." My boss called and said she needed it in her dressing room because she gets nervous. On the show she was kind of incoherent and Dave asked her if she was drunk. She said "yeah, one of your colleagues got me some Jameson" and gave me a shout out. It was really awkward, so Dave ended up drinking it with her on the show.

Who was your favorite guest to meet?

I rode the elevator with Steve Martin, talked on the phone with Bill Murray, met the band Kiss in their full, decked-out outfits with platforms and all, and got Bruce Willis coffee, but Amy Poehler was the most exciting to see. I'm just her biggest fan. It was toward the end of my internship and I was outside the building hoping for a glimpse of her, and when I told the security guys, they brought her over to me and introduced us and I started crying.

Did you ever make it on air?

Once. It was right after the presidential debates and Dave was making fun of how Romney and Obama were at each other's throats, and then all of their families came on stage afterwards to shake hands and it was so awkward. So he made that joke and then Paul Shaffer came on stage and he and Dave shook hands and then their fake families came and shook hands too. I was part of the fake families. Me and Dave looked at each other and he was like "Hi, I don't know you" but he just leaned in and hugged me anyway.

What was David Letterman like?

He's a wacky guy. One day I was working the phone and he was going from his office to dressing room when he bangs open the door and screams at top of lungs. So I jumped, and then handed me a carrot. He's just silly.