If you go

What: Blue-Eyed Son

When: 8 p.m. Sunday

Where: Lion's Lair, 2022 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-320-9200

Cost: $6

More info: facebook.com/lionslairdenver

There's always something appealing about darker content masked by sunny sounds and delivered with a glass-half-full attitude.

It's also something Andrew Heilprin does well with his Blue-Eyed Son project.

This Sunday, the surf-loving singer-songwriter will bring some sunshine to one of the darkest of Denver bars, the Lion's Lair, so we gave him a call to find out what that ocean thing looks like. (Just kidding. We talked about his music.)

Q: The new EP is still pretty fresh out. That must feel good

A: Oh, yeah. It feels great to, you know, make something and then go out and tour it and play for everybody and see everyone's reactions when they hear the songs. Hopefully we're learning a lot of stuff just from playing all these places.

Q: It's a dark name for such a sunny sounding record.

A: It might sound sunny, but at the same time I think there's a lot of darkness to it. My friend who did the art is mainly a surrealist painter and he did some surfy stuff for me. I like playing with all the different themes of light and dark.

I don't really know where it came from, either. That was one of the toughest things for me ... You know, when you come up with a band name or anything like that, you're in that pressure stuff of, "Oh, I gotta call it something." I don't know when it came up or how it came up, but I was like, "Yeah, that's it."

The only bad part about the title was that even my own record company was getting it mixed up and spelling it S-U-N. It's kinda like the band name.

Q: Obviously surfing is very important to you, and I guess that lifestyle and the style of your music go hand in hand.

A: I think so. I mean, I hope it does. I love surfing and it's taught me so many different lessons. It's definitely shaped who I am, there's no doubt about it. When I moved to Santa Barbara as a kid and started surfing, I loved it and I've done it ever since. I'm addicted to it.

I think it has totally shaped me and it's a lot of the same thing that a lot other sports and pursuits do. It really kind of helps you gain perspective on your life. When I'm songwriting, I feel like that part of it comes from experiences, but a lot of it, too, is that I get a lot of inspiration from reading -- reading books, reading newspapers, reading other people's stories.

Q: It seems like there's a lot more instrumentation going on with these songs, too. Is the whole band on tour with you?

A: Right now we're out as a three piece ... So far, I mean, the response has been really great. We're a pretty fun group and fun people. We get strange drunk dudes dancing and people just having a good time.