alexandra sieh

OK, everyone. Time to fess up.

Who's on your list? The laminated, for-serious one you've committed to, like Ross does in "Friends."

You know the one. The celebrities you'd ... um ... get freaky with, should you meet them and somehow manage to seduce them, and your significant other can't leave you for it.

My friend? She's got DiCaprio as Numero Uno, and as I told her last night, I'm jealous. Sexy, sexy man right there.

So I started to think. Who's on mine?

I'll admit, it used to be Orlando Bloom. I had an embarrassing number of posters on my wall of that man in high school. And OK, Ryan Gosling's good, but almost too good. Too in-demand. (She says as if she'd ever score a bedtime romp with the man ...)

Lately, it's been sports folks. A few Nuggets. A Bronco or two. All the hot Rockies moved, big panda jerks.

But the reason I bring this up is a movie at The Dairy Center this weekend that's all about celebrity obsession called "The Bling Ring."

Basically, a bunch of suburban kids break into celeb homes and steal their stuff because they're that crazed for these people.

For the record, I'm not that crazy.

Sophia Coppola's directing, Emma Watson's the star. Go ahead and watch Hermione steal some rich folks' stuff. Snag tickets at

Also showing at The Dairy this weekend is "20 Feet from Stardom," a movie all about the backup singers that amp up the vocals of the actual stars we know and love/hate.


I don't know. It sounds cool to me.

Not in the mood for a movie? Fine. Let's talk beer. (As if I'm capable of anything else.)

This Saturday just so happens to be Boulder Beer's 34th Anniversary at The Beer Rave.

You know you're intrigued now. And you should be. It's a showcase of "taproom only" draft beers from 34 Colorado breweries, and 12 Brewer's Choice specialty beers from Boulder Beer itself, including barrel-aged, cask and pilot brews. Oh, and live music and grub from Jimmy John's.

Plus, the proceeds from this foamy delight of an event go to Boulder B-Cycles and Colorado Brewers Guild. Support the beer!

The event runs 2 to 6 p.m. at the Boulder Beer Co. pub, 2880 Wilderness Pl.

But before you get all Hasselhoffed out at The Beer Rave, pre-game at Bacaro Venetian Taverna (921 Pearl St.). They've got a special treat just for you: Say hello to their new Bloody Mary Bar on the rooftop deck.

This Saturday, they're hosting a grand opening of said awesomeness from 10 a.m. to noon, and the Citron Vodka Team will be there to deck you out in free T-shirts and other prizes.

The bar's got five signature Bloody Marys, and if you pair that with their menu, you've got the makings of a fantastic reason to get out of bed before 1 p.m.

PS: Don't forget about the Pearl Street Stampede this Friday. Black and gold shall coat the streets in honor of the (finally) victorious Buffs as they prep for their game against Central Arkansas on Saturday.

PPS: (Ha. Pee pee.) All you ladies out there can head to GoLite (1222 Pearl St.) Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and set some outdoor adventure goals. It's a clinic hosted by the staff of The Women's Wilderness Institute meant to help you achieve any of those outdoor plans you've wanted to get to. Sorry, boys. Figure your own shit out.

Alexandra Sieh writes about Boulder nightlife every Thursday for the Colorado Daily. Contact her at On Twitter: