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Christy Fantz (Michael Brosilow / The Denver Post)

'Tis the season to bat off greasy beer guts with umbrellas. Those beer guts stagger around Denver like zombies, covered in Bavarian pretzel bits, that once resembled necklaces, and reek of rotten eggs and puke. It's like paradise out there.

The Denver bars become flooded with bitches in microbrew boas, dudes in king costumes ("I know beer better than you"), while indie coasters and swag from the world of beer litter the once pristine streets, and my neighborhood bars.

The best are those hosers from the Midwest who just know they're gonna get laid in Denver this weekend. Dude, there's something indiscernible in your beard. Go roofie someone else. You smell like diarrhea.

The Discovery Channel show "Mythbusters" comes to life with a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science opening Friday.
The Discovery Channel show "Mythbusters" comes to life with a new exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science opening Friday. (Michael Brosilow / The Denver Post)

So, if you have tickets to the Great American Beer Festival, congratulations. I've got a trophy for you right here.

If you don't and you really do like beer, now is the time to hit up local breweries and Denver bars — where special tappings are flowing like amateur's puke and beer events shine like church wine. Check it out here: Bring a toothbrush. Use it.


Let's blow shit up

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science, 2001 Colorado Blvd., Denver, is hosting a big ol' science party with MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition.


The exhibit, beginning Friday and running through Jan. 5, will explore various myths (can you change clothes like a superhero?) to see if you can uncover the odd truths yourself. (You sexy little detective.)

On display will be gadgets and props from the actual Discovery Channel show as well as the MythBusters workshop coming straight to us. Participants can watch experiments as well as revel in some hands-on exploration. Not down your pants. Do that at home.

Info: Friday-Jan. 5; reservations recommended;; $16-22

Fright night

In October, Elitch Gardens, 2000 Elitch Circle. Denver, turns into a freakshow by weekend.

The amusement park hosts its annual Fright Fest on Friday and Saturday nights through Oct. 27.

Admission to the park gets you access to rides, live performances with dancing zombies and a live Freak Show on stage. The park also has two haunted houses (Flesh Factory and Terror Chamber) as well as a multi-sensory experience, brimmed with ghost stories, but entrance to those costs extra. Price packages are offered. Check out for more info.

Dress your damndest, but don't cover your face. The park has strict rules for costumes — no masks, facepaint or weapons (real or fake) either. The park needs to distinguish its actors/employees from you assholes. Check the website for full details.

Remembering Matthew Shepard

Matthew Shepard was a student at the University of Wyoming when he was tortured and brutally murdered for his sexuality in 1998. He was only 21.

More than a decade later, his family, friends and teachers have gathered to tell the story of Matthew through a new documentary, "Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine," which was produced by his friend Michele Josue.

The story of Matt features home video clips, photographs and interviews of the sweet soul the world only really got to know after his death.

The film will be screened Friday night — one day before the anniversary of Matthew's death — at the Seawell Ballroom in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, 1101 13th St., Denver, at 6:30 p.m.

Josue will be on hand for a Q&A after the film.

Info:; $20;

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