What's better than bacon and bourbon?

NOTHING. (You shut your whorish mouth.)

Maybe toss a pack of smokes in there and ahhhhhhh.

Get it together, Fantz, there's a fetus in your beer gut.

Since you put bacon on everything from your ice cream to shampoo to dog treats to pig sandwiches, and since I put bourbon on everything from shaving cream to cereal to whiskey to pig sandwiches, it's safe to say, this event is right up our skirts.

Colorado Pork Producers Council is hosting a Bourbon and Bacon Fest on Saturday at the McNichols Building, 144 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, from 2:30-5 p.m.

So, among smoky pork treats, there will be whiskey and bourbon samples from Buffalo Trace, Larceny, Evan Williams, Bird Dog, Templeton and Lexington distilleries.

Christy Fantz
Christy Fantz (Seth A. McConnell / The Denver Post)

While you're sipping (like an adult) on these artisan bevs, pad your beer gut with piggy treats from Denver area restaurants.

Info: bourbonandbaconfest.com; Saturday 2:30-5 p.m.; $45-$85

A different kind of DJ set

Alf, resident DJ from Denver's 93.3 (and longtime host of KTCL's Locals Only show), began a Denver DJ night that mixes in live musicians with the spinning maestro.

The "Forty-Five Plus One" (Forty-five. Plus one. You know.) event is spreading its wings and pit-stopping at Lost Lake, 3602 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, on Saturday. However, instead of a 45 plus one, it'll be a 45 plus, uh, (counting)... 11 live musicians (and one burlesque beauty, Orchid Mei).


Check out this lineup, it's quite impressive: Flobots MC Jonny 5, on vocals; Covenhoven's Joel Van Horne, on guitar; Bop Skizzum's Andy Rok, on guitar; Five Iron Frenzy's Andy Verdecchio, on drums; Feralux's Peter Standing, on keys; Pull the Alarm's Nick Ferro, on guitar; Wiredogs' Dan Aid, on vocals; Rachel & the Kings' Rachel James, on vocals; Eldren's Josh Lee, on violin; and singer/songwriters Zach Heckendorf and Curtis Halle, both on guitar.

Plus it's east Colfax. You can go totally wrong there and that's why we love it.

Info: lostlakelounge.com; Saturday 8-11:30 p.m.

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