Just as corporations and governments know a great deal about what you buy, where you go and who you call, TV outlets and the various delivery pipelines know more than ever about how you consume entertainment.

Some of the interested parties keep the data secret — Netflix is notorious for citing growing popularity while withholding numbers of downloads and titles.

And Nielsen recently gave in to pressure from broadcasters to withhold "over-the-top" or broadband numbers, like Net-flix and Hulu, in its local ratings.

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However, thanks to a few recent studies, the industry overall can pinpoint which medium you watch and how much, how a new generation treats TV differently, what's popular in a particular market and how the local population relates to new technology compared to the rest of the country.

No word on how many hours of entertainment Denver office workers sneak while on the clock — maybe the next study.

Here's a snapshot of our current habits:

Millennials (age 16-34) watch three times as much TV online as non-Millennials, according to a Verizon Digital Media study released this month. For them, On Demand is being replaced by Real Time viewing. They watch plenty of TV, just in different places than their parents: 40 percent want access to live TV online.


"Millennials will change the TV industry by consuming content online," the study concludes.

The vast majority of Millennials still have cable/satellite service, Verizon notes, and they are prone to binge viewing.

Statistically, Denver is quite advanced in its use of technology, but parallels national tastes when it comes to TV favorites. Here are a few snapshots of our habits, according to data provided by Nielsen:

■ We love our tablets. In fact, Denver ranks in the top-10 markets for tablet use, with 38 percent of us reading, e-mailing, working and playing on the gizmos — that's 24 percent above the U.S. average.

■ Denver-area audiences spend an average 3 hours, 27 minutes with live TV per day, 40 minutes with DVR playback, seven minutes with over-the-top streaming (cord-cutters streaming via Internet).

■ Fully 10.6 percent of Denver households owns a smart TV.

Our TV favorites

Denver's top picks are in line with the most-watched nationally in terms of viewing on demand. Still, the top handful may surprise you, according to these lists provided by Comcast.

The top-five-performing shows on Xfinity On Demand nationally (March 2013 through February 2014):

1.Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

2.The Blacklist (NBC)

3.Game of Thrones (HBO)

4.Walking Dead (AMC)

5. Family Guy (FOX)

The top-five-performing shows on Xfinity On Demand in Denver during same time frame:

1.Game of Thrones (HBO)

2.The Blacklist (NBC)

3.Sleepy Hollow (FOX)

4.Walking Dead (AMC)

5.Breaking Bad (AMC)

Very close, but I give us extra credit for making "Breaking Bad" a top-5 On Demand series.

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