One of my first recreational visits to an art exhibit was also one of my first dates.

Back in high school, this guy and I went to the Denver Art Museum, and while I very much appreciate art and museums and all that jazz, I believe I spent most of my time wondering if he'd ever hold my hand, and if I should've worn a dress, and what we were going to eat because I was STARVING.

Since then, I've focused a bit more on the actual art, nodding with a slight frown like they teach you in the movies.

Not that I'm an expert. My apartment's walls are more covered with photos from hikes and bar nights, and with Disney princess pictures my friends and I colored while watching Disney movies and drinking Corona.

Alexandra Sieh
Alexandra Sieh

I apologize for nothing.

But trust me, no expertise is needed to spend a few hours checking out some art. Especially when most of it is free to check out.

Boulder Arts Week is running from Friday until April 6 (hey, that's my birthday!), and it's got so many exhibits, there's bound to be something you could check out before classing down the evening with your own beer pong tourney or Netflix marathons.

You can get a full list of the events at, but here's a few I thought looked snazzy:


Friday, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m., the Boulder Public Library (1125 Pine St.) is hosting an exhibit by Ed Tangen, the Pictureman, who will display photos depicting early 20th-century life on the Front Range as well as the evolution of the Boulder region and Colorado. Yea, I love history so much, of course I'd pick this out.

Or Saturday at 8 p.m., The Dark Star Orchestra will be performing at the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.), bringing Grateful Dead sounds to you all night. Yes, you have to pay for this one, but you can grab those tickets at and get ready to rock.

Ending this weekend is Colorado's Craft Beer Week, and I hope all of you have been toasting to such a beautiful thing all week at your local breweries. There's even events to help you find like-minded beer lovers, all listed at

If you're staying in town to cheers to craft brews, head to Twisted Pine Brewing (3201 Walnut St.) on Saturday, where North Boulder Underground is performing from 7-9 p.m. A classic rock cover band from right here in Boulder, they'll be the perfect band to sit back, relax and drink to.

West Flanders Brewing (1125 Pearl St.) is also hosting a nearby band, the Caribou Mountain Collective, on Friday night at 10 p.m. Bluegrass tunes to drink to. Not too shabby.

I hope all y'all chose smart, hop-filled choices for your spring break.

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