Alexandra Sieh
Alexandra Sieh

For our Fourth of July, my friends and I are breaking our tradition of fireworks in the park with a pack of cheap beer.

No, this time, we're off to Dicks Sporting Goods Park for the Rapids game on Friday. And we'll be smarter than we were last time we were there.

Last time was the U.S.A. v. Costa Rica match. It was balls cold, snowing like crazy, and so we figured our plan to pre-game in the parking lot before was a good one. Cost-saving, too, since we wouldn't need to buy beer inside.

Well, a-few-beers-inside later, my friend slipped and fell while we were looking for the rest of our group. I turned around and found her laying in a snow pile. To throw off those pointing and laughing, I yelled, "Start making snow angels!" and joined in.

Can't say it worked as well as Drunk Alex insisted it did.

But that's just us. What will all of YOU do this Friday?

Knowing you healthy people, you'll be running right? In the Earn Your Independence race? Good. Because it sounds like a total blast. This Friday, folks at Boulder Beer have a day all planned out, complete with a 5K, a 1-mile walk/run, and amateur and advanced volleyball tournaments at the Boulder Reservoir (5565 N. 51st St.).

There will also be food, of course, and a live concert and water sports. And those who register will get a cool shirt and free beer coupons just for being you and being there.

Better yet, all the beer sales will go to Your Cause Sports. Head over to for details and to sign up.

Interested in a different kind of workout? Well over at The Walrus Saloon (1173 Walnut St.), folks are hosting DJ Pat Allen on Friday, and he's ready to get the butts a-bouncing.

You can celebrate our great nation with a fishbowl and dance party with strangers!

The folks at West End Tavern (926 Pearl St.) have come up with a far less sweaty option: To join them for patriotic fun, including hot dogs and drink specials for things like Pop Rocks Cocktails, Watermelon Coolers and American Dream Whiskey Flight.

Once you've hung out there, they'll even give you a ride over to Folsom for the fireworks show, starting at 7 p.m. Come back with them (yeah buddy!) and enjoy happy hour from 10 to 11 p.m.

I'm here to tell you, too, that Independence Day shouldn't just be about biscuit-y flavored Coors and classy PBR racks. Free yourself (pun always intended) from the bland and go to Wild Woods Brewery (5460 Conestoga Ct.) for the tapping of their gin-barrel-aged Treeline IPA.

Pair with it some of Blackbelly Catering's Food Truck offerings, and perhaps a $4 pint of their year-round brewskies. Talk about a delicious way to celebrate 'Merica.

Fate Brewing (1600 38th St.) smarties have also released a new brew, the Apollo Tsai. They say it's got a history of hops, honey, Earl Grey tea and Kyle Hollingsworth's collaboration. So ... basically it's delicious. Go have a glass. It can be Saturday's hair of the dog.

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