Given the number of court decisions in Colorado and across the country, it's apparent which way the legal system is leaning when it comes to gay marriage.

That was the take from Dave Montez, executive director of One Colorado, a statewide LGBT advocacy group.

Montez recently spoke to The Denver Post's Alicia Caldwell on The Roundup, a public affairs discussion conducted by members of The Post's editorial board.

During the past weeks and months, there has been a federal appeals court decision striking down a Utah law prohibiting same-sex marriage. Since Colorado is in the same federal appellate district as Utah, several clerks took that as a green light to begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

At the same time, there was a state case challenging Colorado's voter-approved same sex-marriage ban. The judge in that case found the ban unconstitutional.

As these cases have wended their way through the court systems, some clerks have been issuing licenses to gay and lesbian couples, who have gotten married.

Montez said that couples have waited a long time for these developments and the photos he has seen on social media of couples celebrating have been a joy to view. And they show the world that gay and lesbian people just want to engage in the same committed relationships that others do.