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Christy Fantz (Jemal Countess / Getty)

What do we love? Cat videos! When do we love them? All the time! Unless there are dogs, llamas and goats peppered in, then all the time times two.

So, naturally, Denver's Sie FilmCenter, 2510 E. Colfax Ave., is hopping on the bandwagon as it is hosting the Internet Cat Video Festival this weekend.

What started at Minneapolis' Walker Art Center with just a compilation of the best kitty porn on the internet turned into Minnesota's outdoor viewing phenomenon. The 73-minute mashup is on the big screen in Denver tonight at 7:30 and Saturday night at 9:30. Go watch your favorite clips and dress up like a cat, because apparently that's what happens at these shindigs. Good times.

Grumpy Cat won the 2013 Golden Kitty award at the Internet Cat Video Festival.
Grumpy Cat won the 2013 Golden Kitty award at the Internet Cat Video Festival. (Jemal Countess / Getty)

Info:; $7-$10

The hipster's fair

Denver's County Fair isn't like those ones we grew up with — Jell-O salads sitting on tables next to piles of animal dung. Raw egg-sipping contests. Farm ladies selling crocheted shawls. Creepy yellowed-mustache dudes brushing prized goats. Old folks' cigarette ash dripping ash on toddlers crawling through pigsties. Carnival rides that get stuck in mid-air.

The good old days. (Maybe it was just northern Indiana.)

The Denver County Fair is a mix of the old traditions (see above, maybe), with some modern fun, as the website boasts, "We are new, we are urban and we are still pioneers!"


Today through Sunday at the National Western Complex (I-70 and Brighton Blvd. in Denver), the modern freak show meets the blue-ribbon competitions.

New this year: the Pot Pavilion will bring an entire slew of paraphernalia vendors. Also: Aside from the Miss Denver County Fair Drag Queen Pageant and Andrew Novick's X-Treme Pancake Breakfast, the fair boasts burlesque shows, dog sports, a freak show stage, a corn hole tournament, a hot dog-eating contest, stand-up comedy, live music, a speed-texting tournament, craft beer sampling, a birds of prey demo, facial hair contests, square dancing, a steampunk drag show, Grateful Dead karaoke, Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling, Pugs vs. Chihuahuas races, variety shows and more.

Don't trip over hipster beards on your way to more than 100 toppings to put on your pancakes or crickets to add crunch to your burrito. (No joke.) Mmm.

Info:; $4-$10

In it to chug it

We all learned in last week's Colorado Daily (thanks for reading, pals), that a "session" beer is one you sit down to get down with. You know, pound through a couple dozen. Shotgun in the alley. Suck down funnels.

It's a craft beer with less than 5 percent ABV.

And since we all love to suck on the craft beer teat, it's nice to have something that doesn't slap us right upside the bloodstream while plowing through a half dozen special-release sours.

On to the good stuff. You know that park on Champa and Speer in downtown Denver with the two naked, frolicking alien statue things? Well that park — Denver Performing Arts Complex Sculpture Park, laymen — is hosting Sesh Fest, hosted by the Colorado Brewers Guild and Imbibe Denver. Aside from six-ounce sipping sessions from more than 20 Colorado craft breweries, there will also be tetherball and four-square contests.

Here's what's on tap: Black Bottle, Breckenridge, CAUTION, Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project, Dad & Dude's Breweria, Denver Beer Co., Epic, FATE, Former Future, Great Divide, Kannah Creek, Kokopelli Beer Company, Left Hand, New Belgium, Odell, Pateros Creek, Ska, Station 26, The Old Mine,TRiNiTY, TRVE, Upslope, Wonderland and Yak & Yeti.

Remember, just because the beer is low ABV doesn't mean you should wind up face-down in the Platte spooning a muddy hipster who just crawled out of county fair horse hay. Haaaaaaaaaay.

Info:; $20-$30

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