The West End Tavern is celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month.
The West End Tavern is celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month. (Karl Gehring / The Denver Post)

My sister has fallen to the dark side.

I knew I needed to be there when she turned 21. She just graduated college, you see, and hit the big 2-1 shortly after. But she's in Washington and I'm poor, and so I was left advising from a distance as she mapped out her first legal night of debauchery.

Go with the fruity cocktails, I said. Never accept a Prairie Fire or a Cement Mixer. Yes, water is key. And no, it doesn't matter what order you drink things in — if you're mixing liquor and beer (and wine, for the ultimate fools), you're gonna feel it the next day.

Well here we are a few months down the road, and you know what that fool likes? Rum. Ugh. And she won't even smell beer without making a face.

  Alex Sieh
Alex Sieh (Cliff Grassmick)

The worst? She's a whiskey fan.

I'm truly the ultimate minority in no longer allowing whiskey in my life. We had our run, it kicked my ass, and I've been on vodka since.

But I get it. You all like spicy bananas, as I called the brown devil that is whiskey when I first tried it years ago. Or bourbon, if you're all stick-up-your-ass fancy. (Yea, OK, I know they're not the same thing. But I needed a transition into telling you all about this bourbon event. Accept this and move on.)

So as bourbon fans, you best know about National Bourbon Heritage Month and the West End Tavern's (926 Pearl St.) monthlong celebration of it.


Each week there will be different specials — like this week, the 1870's classic, The Manhattan. Bourbon, sweet vermouth and cherry bitters. Also featured will be West End's exclusive single-barrel collection of 1792 Ridgemont Reserve, Buffalo Trace and Eagle Rare.

I assume that means more to some of you than me. I'm the beer girl.

And in honor of my drink, I encourage you to head to Boulder Creek this Saturday at 9 a.m. The Rocky Mountain Anglers are cleaning up the creek in their first annual Rocky Mountain Anglers Boulder Creek Cleanup and Cookout.

Upslope will provide the libations, and it'll be a great way to feel good about how you earn your beer. Better than plunking a Ping-Pong ball in a Solo cup. (Unless it's last shot ... that shit's hard.) Info:


Program Council on campus is really killing it movie-wise this semester, offering up "Jersey Boys" tonight in CHEM 140 at 9 p.m. for a free showing.

Or bee-bop over to Club 156 (first floor of the UMC) at 8 tonight for a concert from local band Innerspace. Shake off all the calories you've been drinki ... I mean eating.

Want to bring the party to you? Aka: You want to party in your sweats without judgment? Get hooked up with a free download of DJPetey's September MixTape at

And because we all like free things, Boulder rockers West Water Outlaws are hosting a free show at the Boulder Theater (2032 14th St.) Saturday at 9 p.m. It's open to all ages, though it looks like those under 21 will have to hand over $5 to get in. Info:


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