Titanfall 2

From: EA Games

Rated: M

Grade: A+

Battlefield 1

From: EA Games

Rated: M

Grade: A-

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare


Rated: M

Grade: B

What is it about the falling leaves and the crisp autumn air that makes gamers want to pick up a controller and shoot stuff? Maybe we always want to shoot stuff and now we have a little more time to do so.

No matter, the point is that fall is here and we have a cornucopia of new shooters lined up for our enjoyment. Here are the three new shoot 'em ups begging for your time, sweat and numb thumbs this season.

Anyone who believes bigger means better should check out "Titanfall 2." Actually, scratch that. If you enjoy shooters at all, check out "Titanfall 2," which is easily the best shooter I've played this year. Developer Respawn Entertainment (headed by the crew that brought "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" to life oh so many years ago) has outdone itself.

While the original "Titanfall" was fun to play, the sequel feels like a complete experience. The addition of a brilliant single-player campaign helps a lot, but even the multiplayer portion has been better realized, with more options, better variety in the mechs, and a smoother flow between on-foot and mech segments.


"Titanfall 2" is loaded with personality. You'll feel empathy for your inanimate mech (BT-7274), which in turn draws you deeper into the game. Be sure to play through the campaign first — it will give you practice with the skills you'll need for competitive multiplayer matches.

Anyone looking for a change of pace should check out "Battlefield 1." The latest installment of the long-running series finds its setting in "the war to end all wars," WWI.

Titanfall 2
Titanfall 2 (Courtesy photo)

Though not known for its single-player campaigns, the series has taken a huge step forward by giving players five standalone chapters (six counting the prologue) that allow players to experience some of the war's lesser-known battles.

It helps that these segments focus on the characters trapped in the conflict as much as the action that defines it. Though these battles total only a few hours, it brings heartfelt perspective to a war that often gets forgotten among the flashier conflicts of the 20th century.

When you're done with the campaign chapters, multiplayer beckons.

Developer DICE could not have done a better job realizing the diverse apparatus of WWI. Mounted cavalry rides alongside of tanks, with bi-planes and zeppelins dotting the air above. Munitions feel archaic but surprisingly powerful, making for a unique wartime shooter.

Finally, we have this year's installment of the biggest shooter series of all: "Call of Duty."

This franchise has come a long way from its WWII roots. "Modern Warfare" transitioned to a time in the near future. Now, with "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare," we head to the distant future.

On the plus side, players now get to fight in space. Unfortunately, that's not always a good thing.

The game's biggest letdown is its single-player campaign. Compared to the fantastic campaigns from the games above — as well as releases from earlier in the year like "Gears of War 4" — "Infinite Warfare" feels shallow.

Confrontation with enemies leads to frustration because they are often armored, so you must chip away at them a little at a time. It bogs down the game's pace, and the story can't make up for the slog.

Multiplayer fares better with interesting maps and plenty of advanced weapons to play with. There's not a significant advancement from last year's "Call of Duty: Black Ops 3," but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable.

It wouldn't be a "Call of Duty" game without the annual zombie mode, and this year's "Zombies in Spaceland" is a hilarious take all its own. This cooperative mode lets you team up with three buddies and take on hordes of the undead in an abandoned amusement park. Plus, it features the most fun take on dying I've ever experienced in any game.

Whether you are a "Call of Duty" diehard, love giant mechs or are looking for something new by going back to the early 20th century, there's an excellent shooter this season for you. Just remember to keep your gun clean and your socks dry. And hydrate. Never forget to hydrate.