My Chemical Romance hates being in this stairway right now.
My Chemical Romance hates being in this stairway right now.
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Who: My Chemical Romance

When: 8 p.m. Saturday

Where: Fillmore Auditorium, 1510 Clarkson St., Denver



My Chemical Romance created a post-apocalyptic world for its 2010 CD, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys.

Maybe that's why the band was so affected by the real-life Japanese earthquake. My Chemical Romance is now creating a charity version of its tune "Sing" and will donate profits to the stricken country.

The band even got members of their MCR "army" to submit videos, messages and pieces of art that will be made into the "Sing" video.

Yeah, this is the same MCR fan base that sold out Saturday's show at the Fillmore.

"We started this band in the trenches and we all grew up together -- we're brothers before anything else," guitarist Frank Iero said. "We've grown up and we see things differently, so our music and inspiration has changed.

My Chemical Romance likes to play off different styles of alternative rock, so the band decided to create a futuristic world for Danger Days.

"We put our guitars down, and made synthesized sounds and loops," Iero said. "Computers changed the way the songs were written. This wasn't a concept record, but it had a post-apocalyptic vibe.


"We wanted to make a challenging record, so we came up with this world when we sat down to write. The songs are about corporate clean-up and continuously running to keep yourself alive."

The band used theatrical costumes and props for its 2010 arena shows, but this smaller tour is stripped down to basics.

"This tour is more of a celebration of our rock show and the band," Iero said. "The shows are really intimate and it's great getting reacquainted with fans again."

MCR is also excited to help out the people of Japan. The band had just returned from the country when news of the earthquake hit.

"We knew we had to lend a helping hand," Iero said. "Sing' is a very inspirational song to us and it's very empowering, so we decided to use it to help this cause.

"We made an incredible new version of the song that had unbelievable string arrangements. It really was a project inspired by our fans. We hope it does some good to raise a little money and help."

Delicate Steve

There's nothing delicate about Steve Marion's brand of instrumental guitar pop.

Marion goes by the musical moniker Delicate Steve, but the guitarist's intriguing fusion of synth, psychedelic and acoustic sounds are drawing hard-hitting attention.

Tuesday, Marion and his band hit CU's Club 156.

"I've been playing music ever since my parents bought me a toy guitar," Marion said. "That got me motivated to pursue music.

"My intention is to make music as melodic, catchy and poppy as possible. My new record, Wonder Visions is a very hooky, catchy thing."

Marion is a big fan of instrumental sounds, so he keeps the vocals to a minimum.

"Making music is what I do," Marion said. "I haven't fully figured out how to make lyrics and express myself. I just feel more comfortable playing instrumental."

The innovative artist was discovered by David Byrne's Luaka Bop label, and now his music's hitting a worldwide audience.

"That's definitely helps us put out a lot of cool stuff," Marion said. "And we have a nice, cool built-in fan base."

Delicate Steve came through town a few weeks ago with the Akron Family. Unfortunately, the show ran behind schedule and Marion only got to play two tunes.

That's why Delicate Steve's ready to rock Club 156.

"We only got to play 10 to 20 minutes in Denver, so we had to make the most of our time," Marion said. "That really inspired us and gave us a new kind of energy.

"We're going to fill Boulder with that same kind of energy!"

Glowfest 2011

The CU Program Council just announced Glowfest 2011.

The electronic music festival takes place April 22 at CU's Balch Fieldhouse and features an impressive line-up.

The Glowfest roster includes Savoy, Crystal Castle, Sorry For Partying, Fresh2Death, Thick Chick and McAdoo. Tickets are on sale at