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W ell, it's official. My life is being consumed by beer.

Says the beer girl.

Sigh. I've brought this on myself.

But for serious. Friends eye my Coors/Guinness-packed fridge, beer-pong table (not mine!) in the closet, New Belgium posters on my cabinet and just assume "alcoholic."

Rude, since they either brought it or bought it with me. Pot or kettle, people?

And after my beer stank last week in the office -- compliments of my soaked-through boots -- even coworkers wonder about -- or rather confirm --my boozy ways.

Top that with my wrapping up the St. Patty's tour in four days -- don't act like you're not impressed -- and you've got a girl with a problem.

Sorry I'm not sorry.

Good thing I have this column to force my obsession down your throats.

Let's keep that glorious tradition going, shall we?

Although the Avery Tap Room will be closed today and Saturday for the 11th Annual Boulder Strong Ale Fest, the brewery's homepage will be a collection of attempted dirty posing, fake mustaches and squinty eyes. Of you folk, I'm sure.

If you're cracking open an Avery brew -- or any local craft brew for that matter -- your Instagram chronicles of the shenanigans can find a home in their drunken collage with a simple #averyfest tag.


No boobies or pee pees, please.

Best photos -- subjectively chosen based on hilarity and creativity -- will earn one lucky drunkard a drinking kit of the usual swag: hoodie, hat, glass.

Info: Instagram your beer-drinking photos with the #averyfest tag for a chance to win the Strong Ale Fest's kit.

Golden years

The Boulder History Museum caught the beer bug, too. "Beer! Boulder's History on Tap" is opening Friday, and it's going deep (just like you like it) into the archives to show Boulder's tawdry affair with the foamy stuff, which appears to be a full-on relationship by now. The rare, caring-and-committed kind. They still shave for each other and everything.

Since the 1870s, Boulder's been brewing up trouble, building itself into a craft brew mecca. Beer lovin' built right in.

History and beer, united at last. My inner-nerd just pushed up her glasses and tightened her thighs.

Info: Beer! Boulder's History on Tap exhibit at the Boulder History Museum. Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday, noon to 4 p.m. 1206 Euclid Ave.

Tequila month

Enough with the beer! Said no one ever.

But seriously, for those of you looking to escalate your bad choices to monumental heights, March has got you covered.

Tequila Month.

*Shudder* Flashbacks of 2-for-1 margs be gone. Queasy over here.

Centro Latin Kitchen downtown, however, has a stronger stomach than I do and is serving up the strong stuff all month.

This week's featured concoction? The "asta de toro." About 8 ingredients worth of good times.

Each week you buy a featured drink gets you an entry into its sweepstakes.

Related thought: Liquor before beer. Just sayin.

Info: Tequila Month at Centro Latin Kitchen, 950 Pearl Street.

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