I love this state.

Sure, it's hormonal, a frosty bitch one day and a glowing beauty another, unable to make up its mind.

But what about those mountains? The nature that make outdoorsy folk wet themselves -- in more ways than one -- just thinking about all the ways they can get sunburned and whatnot.

But for us boozers, it's got one foamy mug of delight that rests above all that: We dominate, craft beer-wise.

Sure, we've got ol' Budweiser up north, Coors just down the road. But man, our microbrews? They know what's up. And enough home brewers, cooking up one concoction after another, to keep our biz writers busy with new brewery openings each month.

God I'm glad I embraced beer.

alexandra sieh

I shudder to think what my life would be like had I continued turning up my nose to the carbonated deliciousness of it. Glad I didn't stick with that fickle vodka bottle, which led to cuddling with a friend's dog at 4:30 in the morning, shivering because my other friend had stolen the blanket when he fell of the couch.

But then my eyes were opened to the beauty of beer. How, rather than boasting downing half a bottle, you could line a coffee table with empty brewskies into the night. Far more satisfying a result, bragging rights-wise. And variety.

So in honor of this drink y'all know I love -- and hold dear yourselves -- I've got a few tours for you.


The first stop is at Old Chicago (1102 Pearl Street), where Cinco de Mayo has come early. Don sombreros -- woah, flashback to my 22nd birthday ... -- and say "olé" to the newest beer tour challenge.

Finish the eight beers they've got on tap, and you get a shirt -- and two nights of awesomeness. Wrap it up again -- don't act like you're above such a feat -- and get the special-edition shirt, while supplies last.

Four nights of foam-covered fun, and you walk away with shirts you're embarrassed to wear anywhere for fear of advertising your alcoholic ways. Like the smeared-eye makeup and missing cars (because who can remember where you parked it?) aren't telling ...

It started on Wednesday, and lasts till May 5. Get on it. (That's what he said ... to no avail, more often than not.)

But hey, don't spend all your time huddled into an Old C's booth, chugging beer. Instead, teeter around Pearl Street, with beer-chugging stops.

No, I'm not talking about your average Thursday bar crawl. I'm talking brewery tours.

Boulder Brew Tours -- aptly named -- offers walking (or driving, for the exceptionally lazy) tours all set up to get you into this city's microbreweries. Samples, sights of all that beer-making gear, and info to impress your friends, lest your shenanigans drink the factoids away.

Now you will need a bit of cash for this one -- $28 per ticket -- but that's many breweries (and beers) worth of entertainment. Splurge, I say. And if this broke college grad advocates it, you know it's a good idea.

Head to boulderbrewtours.com for the skinny.

Last up, one brewery in particular -- West Flanders Brewing (1125 Pearl St.) is serving up grass tunes from locals, The Moonshiners from 8:30 to 10:30 p.m. on Friday. Because who says it's just your mouth that has all the fun? (Wait ... ) Let those ears soak up the tunes while your liver soaks up the brews.

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