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I'm so glad to be back in Colorado.

Last weekend, I left my beloved state for Kentucky for a work conference (yes I'm old). Upon arrival, exhausted but exhilarated, I realized: I'm doomed.

I'm in bourbon country.

After a number of whiskey-driven nights back with my college newspaper pals, I swore off it for good. You only need to wake up on the kitchen floor while the dog sleeps next to you once to realize it may not be the drink for you.

So what the hell was I going to do in a land where whiskey — not delicious craft beers — flowed like wine?

In a half-assed attempt to "go with the Kentucky flow," I tried out the Kentucky Lemonade and Mint Julep while at Churchill Downs. My mouth still hasn't forgiven me.

Mmmm. Upslope beers.
Mmmm. Upslope beers. (Jonathan Castner)

Needless to say, returning here felt good for many a reason. Though it was delightful, all last weekend, to brag about Colorado's affinity for perfect porters and saliva-inspiring IPAs.

And clearly the state feels the same. All the beer, folks.

Like at Upslope Brewery, where apparently Christmas has arrived, like an over-anxious man, a little too early.

Upslope is releasing its Christmas Ale this Thursday at the Lee Hill tap room from 5:50 to 8 p.m., and the Cheese Louise food truck will be there to help buffer the tum-tum as you enjoy. Plus, Brian Parton will rock the house (just hopefully not with carols).


Boulder Beer (2880 Wilderness Pl.), too, has a beer to unleash on your taste buds. "The Dude's Bane" has come to its pub this Saturday at 3 p.m.

Course, joke's on me. It's been aged for a year in bourbon barrels. Well played, Boulder Beer. But at 12.3 percent, I won't have time to dwell about this barleywine's past. Head over for hand-numbered waxed bottles. And if you wear a robe, you can win bottle No. 1. Info:

Walnut Brewery (1100 Walnut St.) will not be forgotten. On Thursday it's pouring the Mountain Rescue Ale, with some of the moo-lah from it going to the Rocky Mountain Rescue group. From 6 to 6:30 p.m., it'll be a free first cup for those with IDs.

P.S.: Should the weather be as delightful as it was Wednesday, head to FATE Brewing (1600 38th St.) where you can get $2 Watermelon Kolsch pints whenever it's more than 60 degrees.

Commence dances to the weather gods on high.

And just in case all this gets you in the mood for very heavy cinema, head to The Dairy (2590 Walnut).

There are two films out at the Boedecker that sound intense, but worth your time. The first, "The Patience Stone," takes you to the Middle East, where a young woman tends for her comatose husband, left in that state from a bullet to the neck. The other, "Blood Brother," follows a young man into an AIDS hostel in India, where he searches for family among those far worse off than him. Info:

And of course, head to the for even more events this weekend.

Remember sleepovers in museums or camping trips with all your friends back in our youths? Well, Attention Homes is taking a spin on the concept, all in the hopes of opening folks' eyes to the plight of the homeless youth. On Thursday, they — along with 60 other community leaders — will lead folks on a Sleep Out. You'll sleep on the lawn between Attention Homes' headquarters and the First United Methodist Church to get a taste of what it's like to be exposed to the elements for a night.

Those who join in can raise money for the organization and be part of that larger cause. Check out for info and contacts.

The Buffaloes are playing California Saturday. And CU Athletics has teamed up with FATE Brewing for a pre-party at the brewery. For $30, you'll meet up at 12:30 p.m. for happy-hour pricing on beer and grub and then a free ride to the game. $10 of it will go to Attention Homes, as it were.

Got other plans? That's cool. FATE will still get you to the game if you make a reservation. West End Tavern (926 Pearl St) will also have its ride there and back, and lots of good drinks 'n' food before and after.

P.S.: West End's also got quality barbeque at the Boulder County Farmers' Market this weekend. Saturday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., get all messy with amazing food. The Tavern will be at 13th Street between Arapahoe and Canyon with the goods.

Oh, and the Pearl Street Stampedes will still hit the streets Friday night to get you all amped up on black and gold pride.

Because it's Boulder, I'm including this next event. Free aura and chakra healings. Oh yes, the Boulder Psychic Institute (1332 Pearl St.) has free cleansings every Thursday. .... I've got nothing else to say.

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