A few months ago, my friend and I were shopping when we came across denim jumpsuits.

Yes. Denim jumpsuits.

So after trying them on and taking copious photos in the dressing room (god, we're such girls), we decided. These would be perfect for a denim party. Denim Dan delightful.

A month or two later, another friend and I (yes, I have two friends) were flipping through clearance racks, because we're poor, and saw comfy PJs with cartoon characters everywhere.

"Pajama party!" we declare. It only makes sense.

Add on our "Thrift Shop" party, Ugly Sweater party (with mustaches) and you see we all quite clearly have an addiction.

To hell with Halloween once a year. We'll dress up anytime, in all kinds of uggo garb, and cheers cheap brewskies to our innovation and awesome-ness.

Course, we're not the only ones.

This Friday, the Bohemian Biergarten staff (2017 13th St.) has its own version of a theme party. A German-Hit party, to be exact, where party-goers are encouraged to come dressed like German pop stars from the '70s/'80s'.

So at 7 p.m., show up, dance, be merry and strut your stuff. You could walk away winner of the costume contest. Check out the Facebook page for inspiration on costumes.

Biergarten staffers were also bragging a few days ago about their Gluhwein release. It's apparently a red wine, heated with cinnamon, cloves, sugar and citrus. Sounds like a grand way to warm up as the state oscillates between beautiful and shit-coated weather.


Of course, I'm sure this Black Friday madness has you all infected and distracted from what's really important: booze. So allow me to refocus you. Take a break from Black Friday and head to West Flanders Brewing Company (1125 Pearl St.). They'll have happy hour pricing on Lionheart Stout and Black Immaculate IPA all day, and food specials on things like gumbo, poutine and shepherd's pie.

Bring your receipt from a Pearl Street shop and get a taste of one of the beers on tap, and a chance to win a free growler. A purchase that keeps on ... purchasing? Sigh. Just do it.

For your non-alcoholic portion of the weekend, I vote you head to The Dairy Center for the Arts (2590 Walnut St.), where there will be extended performances of "Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins," Friday and Saturday nights.

The play's about a newspaper columnist lady who's jam-packed with attitude, making her way through what used to be a testosterone-heavy profession. (I could be biased in suggesting this, news nerd myself, but ... I bet it's great.)

Check out thedairy.org for tickets and times.

As per usual, I've got to advertise my group's obsession: the mini tour at Old Chicago (1102 Pearl St.) The staff just started a winter one, which yields a long-sleeve shirt to those brave enough to drink 10 beers, rather than the usual eight. Takes three visits. (Darn, three trips to a bar with all your friends ... how awful ...) It's full of all those dark beers folks insist on drinking during the colder months. I don't, but I'm odd like that.

For Firkin Friday, Upslope Brewing (1501 Lee Hill Road No. 20) has Persimmon Altbier on tap. They advertise it as a German-style ale with some persimmons mixed into the strong malt character. Get over there by 2 p.m. and drink up.

Pearl Street Pub and Cellar (1108 Pearl St.) announced earlier in the week that Strongbow Cider has been introduced to the lineup. A bold cider taste, and gluten-free. You may even be able to trick yourself into thinking the apples make it good for you.

FATE Brewing (1600 38th St.), too, had an announcement to make. The staff has started bottling 750s of the Atropos Barrel-Aged Imperial IPA. Now this is in limited supply, so I'd head over and stock up. Plus, the bottles look cool.

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