If you go

What: Single Speed USA party

Where: Boulder Distillery, 2500 47th St., #10., Boulder

When: 6 p.m., Saturday, June 4

More info: ssusa11.blogspot.com, 303vodka.com

Best known for their 303 Vodka brand, three-year-old Boulder Distillery & Clear Spirit Company is now aggressively working to gain more awareness in town by establishing their facility as a nightlife scene and public/private events space.

As of December of last year, the distillery has also expanded its offerings to include 303 Whiskey, a gluten-free potato whiskey that owner Steve Viezbicke says is the first federally licensed libation of its kind.

"It's super smooth," said Viezbicke who started Boulder Distillery in 2008 with wife Terri. "We just followed the process. A lot of 'whiskey people' say it's not really whiskey, but it is. People do love it, though. We can't make it fast enough."

As owner of one of only 16 distilleries in the state of Colorado, Viezbicke's individual passion for the industry is prodigious, particularly as -- having worked as an engineer for 20 years before starting his company -- Viezbicke personally hand-built all of the equipment used throughout the facility from reclaimed materials found at salvage yards.


The company is "very unique," said Viezbicke. "We do everything from start to finish: from mashing, to fermenting, to distilling, to filtration, bottling, labeling and delivering. It's hands-on, hand-made and every bottle is labeled like a fine wine."

Viezbicke leads tours of his facility located on the east side of town himself Wednesdays through Sundays, with private tours available by appointment.

Doug Hudson, of Sebs Wood Fired Cuisine, pulls a pizza out of the oven for a customer.
Doug Hudson, of Sebs Wood Fired Cuisine, pulls a pizza out of the oven for a customer. ( JEREMY PAPASSO )

Since hosting the first ever Boulder's Best Mixology Contest last March, Viezbicke now aspires to bring Boulderites and tourists alike to his facility where they can enjoy said tours along with a series of continuous events including a custom Bloody Mary bar on Sunday mornings, collaborations with local eateries, live music on Saturday nights and private gatherings such as two upcoming wedding receptions.

"It's the new game right now," said Viezbicke about promoting his space in a social fashion. "It's nice to have a little speakeasy just outside of town. We're growing organically, but we're still a little out of the way, remain an intimate place that people can discover and say, 'Wow, that's cool!'"

"We try to keep everything pretty casual and relaxing," said Boulder Distillery event coordinator Randi Curtis who has been with the company since January of this year.

Curtis is in charge of setting up company events such as Saturday's Single Speed USA party, which will include an awards ceremony, schwag giveaway, live music performed by Denver's Nolan McInnis and "general merriment."

"It's nice to have a different kind of place where people can go who might be getting tired of Pearl Street," said Curtis. "There's not a lot of rules here. It's a fun place to be and it's easy-going. It's a quiet little space where people can go to enjoy music and get a few drinks."