Spicy grilled wing sauce
What you need:
1 bag of frozen wings
2 bottles of Frank's Red Hot
1 bottle of Worcestershire sauce
1 shot of Jack Daniel's
1 stick butter
Cook wings on the grill until hot.
Mix ingredients in a bowl and toss wings.
Source: Brett Forrester, sous chef at Hana Sushi

It's officially football season, and for many students and alumni that means it's also tailgating time.

Few people know more about a proper tailgating party than fraternity men, and CU alumni Brett Forrester continues to lead his fellow Buffs in the tasty tradition.

Forrester, currently the sous chef at Boulder's Hana Sushi on the Hill, said after years of working in restaurants and cooking for his Zeta Beta Tau brothers, grilled dishes are still his favorite.

"That charred taste is just so good," Forrester said. "It really adds something unique to just any old food."

Whether you're planning your tailgate for the Buffs' first home game Saturday or just looking for some delicious grilled dinners while the weather is still nice, Forrester said he has a few favorites that are guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Beer brats are nothing new to most tailgaters, but Forrester said the key to getting that great taste is the type of beer. Save money on sides or basic buns but splurge a little on the booze.


He recommends a lager like New Belgium's Shift for a better flavor, or add a little citrus to your brats with Blue Moon or the slightly cheaper Shock Top.

For a quick side dish, pick up some prepackaged coleslaw and spice it up with some cayenne pepper, salt, garlic and mayo, Forrester said.

Another easy dish that will add a some kick to your cookout is hot wings. Forrester said he buys a bag of frozen, dry wings at any store and makes his own sauce for a quick but unique flavor.

"I just throw the wings on the grill without really even defrosting them so it's not time consuming at all," Forrester said. "While they're cooking I mix up my own sauce and then just put it all in a bowl and toss it. It's really simple."

For the sauce, mix two bottles of Frank's Red Hot, with a bottle of Worcestershire sauce, a little Jack Daniel's and some butter.

"The Jack adds some tang but the butter keeps it creamy," Forrester said.

University of Colorado junior Faulkner Griffin, who writes a food blog directed at students at dormet.blogspot.com, said cooking outside doesn't require an expensive grill or smoker -- you can rent grills from the CU Recreation Center or take a walk to a local park to skip on the expensive equipment.

"A lot of Boulder's parks have grills as well, specifically North Boulder Park," Griffin said. "It's nice because it is at the bottom of Mount Sanitas and has lots of space for field games and plenty of covered table space."

For a little more complexity, Forrester said Coca-Cola chicken is sure to impress. Cook the chicken on the grill with a can of coke or beer underneath. Every thirty minutes, grab a basting brush and paint some soda on chicken before returning to your party.

Forrester said he buys a whole chicken at Costco for under $10. While the whole recipe typically takes about two hours, the set it and forget it process makes it easy to hang with friends while you watch the Coke -- or the leftover beer from the brats -- can do all the work.

Griffin said cooking outside can change up your ordinary routine.

"Costco burgers don't count, because everyone already knows what they taste like," Griffin said. "But if you're eating something that has some flavor complexity and fresh ingredients, you can forgive the less savory things about nature like dirt and bugs and sticky hands."