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Different strokes for different folks.

Take it how you like (that's what he said .... I think), but it's the truth. Food, booze, music and style, it's all up to the individual.

Me? I'll try (almost) anything once, where food, booze and assorted others are involved at least. YOLO, and all that crap.

I've got a list of restaurants I desperately want to try, and am always up for a new beer -- or two. And while my friends and I can really differ good and gross -- whiskey, onions and country music come to mind -- we always find compromise.

alexandra sieh

Our biggest debate right now? Light versus dark beer. Apparently my friends are of the "once you go black, you never go back" as far as stouts and porters go. I'm still a pretty monogamous light beer lover, with an occasional red slipping in now and again. Variation as the spice of life, or whatever.

Course, if that's the biggest debate we have, we're doing pretty well. Get hard alcohol in the mix, and you've got a real war. Whiskey versus vodka, rum versus gin. Only natural agreement? Tequila is trouble. The one-night stand you can't wash away the next day. Sans glitter and/or disease.

The point, dear friends, is that your taste is what's going to guide you this weekend.


Especially at Cured, a restaurant hosing a most unusual sort of tasting. Of pickles and beer. Strange, but potentially delicious.

Thanks to Real Dill Pickles and Funkwerk Beer, this local restaurant's going to have an array of pickles and brews to try from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday. All free, and all a great fill to your afternoon with some created-in-Colorado flavors.

Info: Real Dill Pickles and Funkwerk Beer tasting on Saturday from 1 to 4 p.m. at Cured, 1825 B. Pearl St. 720-389-8096


Get a free T-shirt

Like what you like? Embrace that. Old Chicago will help.

I'm a few weeks late on this one, but for you real beer drinkers out there, this mini tour is still possible. Eight beers, six of which are your choice. Basically drink what you like and get a T-shirt after two nights of boozing. No brainer. Just wrap it up before Sunday night.

I'll be finishing mine tonight.

Info: "I Love Beer" mini tour at Old Chicago, 1102 Pearl St.


Wings for Mexico

Back in my college days, I quite liked wings. Of course, like my recent aversion to desserts just suddenly hit a few years ago, so did my lack of interest in those appetizers. My friends were not amused.

But for those of you still wing-loving, West End Tavern has a challenge for you. While you're drunkenly shouting at this year's Super Bowl-ers, be the 47th order of 12 wings, because that lucky lad or lady will be walking away with a trip to Mexico.

Eat, drink and potentially score. Big.

Info: Super Bowl XLVII wing challenge at the West End Tavern on Sunday, 926 Pearl St.

See a free movie

But libations and deep conflicts aside. If you're looking for a free night of fun, go no further than campus. "Wreck-It Ralph" is hitting screens in the chemistry building at 9 p.m. tonight.

A nice animated adventure to put at ease those study-weary brains.

Info: Free screening of "Wreck-It Ralph" in CHEM 140 tonight at 9 p.m.

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