Greetings all, the bloodbath of midterms seems to be drawing to a close, meaning there's all the more time now to get down with your favorite records instead of desperately trying to create a MyPoliSci account the night before the midterm.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of awesome underground records flowing in this year, so please enjoy these records as you kick back before the next round of tests gets underway.

For those who need a good gym record as the weather warms up, Iceage is back with an incredibly mature follow-up to the spectacular debut New Brigade. New album, You're Nothing, is seeped in even more Big Black-worshipping glory, but displays a more sorrowful side of the band than we've seen before -- as well as a tidied-up sound. They're still angry, but now it seems like that anger has genuine purpose.

In the more introspective vein, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have released yet another fantastic record, albeit not one listeners might expect from the snake-tongued troubadour. Push the Sky Away is a more sensitive record than the usual Nick Cave outing, loaded with floating keyboards and more reserved lyrics, without losing the edge. Newcomers and old lovers should delight in this wonderful record by an untouchable artist.

And at last, for those who celebrate a respite from work with jubilant applause, the debut Hands by Superhuman Happiness is a dance record that brings influences from every corner of the Earth into its scope. Afro-poppy guitars chime alongside colorfully abstract instrumental passages, with a cheery attitude that never crosses the line into naive territory.


Other additions include:

* Ways to End a Day, Lenz.

* Don't Stop Now, Willy Mason.

* Reverse Shark Attack (Reissue), Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin.

* A Long Way to Fall, Ulrich Schnauss.

* The Ash & Clay, The Milk Carton Kids.

-- Sam Goldner is the music director at Radio 1190