LONGMONT -- A Boulder County grand jury indicted members of a countywide cocaine distribution operation on organized crime, conspiracy and drug charges, according to court documents unsealed Thursday.

The Boulder County Drug Task Force investigated the organization from November 2011 until December 2012 and secured 18 indictments as part of an operation known as "El Gaucho," according to the Boulder County District Attorney's Office. Sixteen indictments were unsealed and offered details about the structure and negotiations leading up to sales of cocaine from locally based suppliers to dealers in Boulder, Longmont, Lafayette and Louisville.

The indictment revealed a structure of cocaine suppliers, dealers and users locally.

"These typically are all multiple-ounce dealers," said Boulder County prosecutor Ken Kupfner. "They weren't moving 8-balls. They weren't moving teeners."

Wiretap warrants, once primarily tools of federal investigations, were obtained and used by local drug task force investigators to listen to conversations among players in the ring to track their movements and gather evidence used in the conspiracy charges.


According to the indictments, investigators uncovered a drug-dealing enterprise with eleven named suspects with Antonio Chapparo, 34, of Boulder, and Jesus Garcia-Bueno, 42, of Longmont, supplying eight dealers with cocaine to sell to customers across Boulder County. One of those dealers, according to the indictment, supplemented his stocks from a third supplier. According to the indictment, investigators do not know where Garcia-Bueno and Chapparo were getting the cocaine they supplied to suspected dealers, including Juan Carlo Chapparo, 29, of Longmont; Vicente Espinoza-Gonzalez, 46, of Boulder; Claudio Mallo, 42, of Louisville; William Loomis, 51, of Boulder; Jorge Zavala-Ramirez, 24, of Boulder; Jorge Baca, 23, of Lafayette; Manuel Galindo-Lopez, 35, of Boulder; and Jose Aguilar, whose age and hometown were not available.

According to the indictment, Espinoza-Gonzalez would serve as Chapparo's lieutenant to supply the enterprise when Chaparro was unavailable. Manuel Berrera-Calderon is suspected of providing additional cocaine to Ramirez-Cruz so he could serve more customers.

While most of the suspects have been arrested, Berrera-Calderon and Aguilar are still being sought.

The Boulder County Drug Task Force includes members of the Boulder County Sheriff's Office and the Boulder, Erie, Lafayette, Louisville and University of Colorado police departments.

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