Updated: April 17, 2014 5:25:40 PM MDT
(Boulder County Sheriff's Office)
Longmont kidnapping trial resumes after emergency surgery for defendant Ronald Turner

Brandy Turner takes stand as trial of Ronald Turner resumes
As the trial of Ronald Turner, the 74-year-old man accused of plotting and aiding in the kidnapping of his 3-year-old grandson from Longmont last year, resumed today, Turner's daughter-in-law Brandy testified that her estranged husband attacked her with a Taser and pepper spray before taking away her son. Full Story
(Spencer Platt)
Vinyl or vinyls? On eve of Record Store Day, collectors can't seem to agree

Step into a record store any other day of the year, and you'll probably witness something like this: A whippersnapper comes bouncing in, asking if there are any Rolling Stones "vinyls" for sale. The clerk cringes. Older customers roll their eyeballs skyward and skullward. Those beautiful black circles are called records. Or LPs. "Vinyl" is acceptable, but never "vinyls." Full Story